Purely Green & The Dope Buds (Honest Review)

As you can tell by our Cannabis Strain information posts, we love to talk about cannabis. It is why we search long and hard for cannabis companies to review in the UK. We had come across the Dope Buds a while ago when a cannabis influencer wrote a review about them. It seems that since that point, the brand has gained a cult following.

After some debating, we have decided to give the good buds CBD vape cartridge a go and write the most honest review we can.

Who is the Dope Buds / Purely Green?

We did some digging and there seems to be a story here. We know that lots of companies who have sold cannabis products (particularly CBD flower) suffer from severe restrictions in terms of their ability to set up bank accounts, and face removal from social media platforms. There is still a website and Instagram for the ‘ Dope buds’ but it seems that the original brand was removed, and it is now ‘Purely Green’.


The Purely Green Products

What grabbed our attention is the fact that the products on the Dope Buds website seem to be customisable. From a customisable CBD oil, vape cartridges and even pick & mix gummies. It seems as though some of the products are made to order and you can request your own personal strengths, terpene profiles and flavours. This is something that is really interesting, and quite unique.

We didn’t want to cause too much trouble so we picked one of the ‘off the shelf’ vape carts.

We decided to get a Pineapple Express terpene blend as it is one we are familiar with and can compare it to other companies out there. The cartridge itself was a standard 510 thread ceramic coil cartridge but the exact was much different- it was a warm day and even then, the extract was very thick and almost crystalising (which is common for true full-spectrum extracts). It is made with 96.6% extract and added terpenes.

A lot of the time, vape cartridges are kept liquid by adding MCT oils into the blend which can help with the burning/sore lung caused by the extract, but the fats can cause additional long term damage to your lungs. These cartridges do not contain anything other than pure extract and cannabinoids.

In terms of flavour, the cartridge was one of the nicest we have tried and was very potent. We couldn’t quite work out whether the terpenes were botanical or natural. The flavour was very nice however, we’re not convinced that they are cannabis-derived. Lovely regardless.

We instantly got the effects of the CBD and could feel instantly relaxed. While we didn’t feel the ‘high’ that is typical with a THC product, it was very clear that there was a good amount of THC in the product and the entourage effect was very evident. For what it is, this was a very potent product and we liked it.

The only issue we have is that the Dope Buds seem to be part of the underground community of vape producers and may not be regulated. A lot of the bigger companies comply with production certifications (such as ISO) and produce their products in clean rooms. We’d love to know more about the production methods and accreditations behind the extraction, but a lot of small-batch producers cannot afford this.


In Conclusion

To be very honest – for what the Dope Buds do, they are fantastic. The flavour, effects and product knowledge is streaks ahead of others in the market. We also really like the fact that a customer has the option to customise products as they see fit. This is a great idea and can see this working perfectly for those who use cannabis medically or are experienced users of cannabinoids.

We’d like to follow the Dope Buds longer to see where they go. It does seem to be an underground/ unregulated outfit but we think it is one you can trust.



Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK