Pure Rejuvenation CBD massage

Pure Rejuvenation CBD massage

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April 11th, 2021

Pure Rejuvenation is a mobile alternative & holistic health brand based in Essex, London. We were looking online for CBD massages available in the UK and stumbled across their website. We decided to publish an article about the massage to share with our audience as we know that many of you will like to try this once you're able to get out and about safely. Let's get into it:

Who is Pure Rejuvenation?

We like to start with a little background about the brands we're reviewing as we know this matters to many people. You'll be glad to hear that there is a really nice section on the homepage of the Pure Rejuvenation website that provides some great information about Naomi, the brains behind Pure Rejuvenation. After a travel trip that immersed her in nature and introduced her to the world of massage, Naomi returned to the UK feeling invigorated. A few years after returning home, Naomi decided to set up Pure Rejuvenation to provide people with treatments to enhance their wellbeing.

We love this story and recommend you read the whole of it for yourself.

What products are used for the massage?

For every CBD massage, Naomi makes use of CBD oil and balm from Gaia Guru. We haven't actually reviewed Gaia Guru yet on our blog, but we did previously reach out to them as we are big fans of their products. They're a trusted UK brand and the products that Naomi uses for the massage are full spectrum and lab tested. This is great as it means they contain all of the plant goodness alongside CBD (such as terpenes etc.) that really make a difference. Studies have shown that CBD can be absorbed by the skin effectively when applied topically, so we're fans of massaging full spectrum CBD into the skin.

What's involved with the CBD massage?

Let's get into the specifics of the massage - the CBD products are massaged into the skin using specific techniques to aid muscle recovery. These include moderate to strong massage pressure movements to help particularly tense areas of the body, and using movements that increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. If you're someone suffering from muscle pain or skin conditions such as psoriasis, then this is an ideal massage to try out.

Pricing will depend on how long you'd like the massage to last:

60 min treatment – £65

90 minute sessions are also available.

Anything else to mention?

Take a look at the Pure Rejuvenation homepage to see all of the qualifications & memberships that Naomi has - impressive!

Pure Rejuvenation CBD massage

In Conclusion

If you've never tried a CBD massage before, definitely give it a shot. We highly recommend Pure Rejuvenation as an option if you're looking for a high-quality CBD massage. Naomi covers Essex and parts of East London so if you're based there then give it a shot.

This article was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of articles every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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