Puffco Peak & Peak Pro (Honest Review)

If you’re a stoner, and you haven’t heard of Puffco then you NEED to keep reading. Puffco are maybe the biggest (and if you ask us, the best) producer of vape & dab equipment globally. 

So if you like yourself a nice dab of Crumble or Rosin then you can pump up the experience by getting yourself a Puffco Peak or Plus

Who Is Puffco

Puffco are a technology and engineering company from the USA. They were established in 2013 by Roger Volodarsky who had a vision of improving the industry standard when it came to dabbing equipment and concentrate consumption. 

The company saw that cannabis concentrates are the future of clean, flavourful and potent consumption of cannabinoids. Before Puffco, vaporisers which had been manufactured using fibrous wicks, toxic glues and plastics which often contaminated the vapour. In response (maybe to satisfy their own needs for a safer product), the company started to develop dab stations which had unique designs, excellent technology and unrivalled quality.

Another string to the company’s bow is that they champion a ‘One Tree Planted’ initiative. With every sale of a Puffco Peak Pro, Peak or plus they fund a tree being planted. All the more reason to buy one. 

The Puffco Peak Pro, Peak & Plus (Honest Review)

The most popular items sold are the Puffco Peak & Peak Pro, which are medium portable electric dab stations. On first impression, they are much smaller than expected but thats not a bad thing. They are ideal for both a party setting (where traditionally a huge rig would do) and also while you’re on the go (can be a hand held device).

When the box arrived it was very similar to the experience (and excitement) of opening up a brand new apple phone. The box was slick had a real feel of quality. The carry case is a really nice addition and its great to have a little section for your accessories.

Both the Peak and the Peak Pro (uses an app & has really cool extra colour features) are quite similar. To begin with, the design is extremely good. It looks slick, discreet yet striking.

We have added some features below from the Puffco Website. 

Other than the way it looks, we found the Puffco Peak very easy to set up, use and clean afterwards.

The kit comes with the electric base, a glass cone (where you can add water), and a ceramic bowl with a little glass hammer/ cover. Everything here feels extremely well crafted and top quality. 

When it comes to flavour and potency of the concentrate, there there is nothing like it. The Puffco peak produced an extremely clean and fresh flavour (we were dabbing a mimosa crumble) with a huge impact. The fact that you have the ability to control the temperature and tweak it to your taste is a huge bonus too. It allows you to easily tailor your experience without accidentally burning the extract, or your finger. Compared to a glass rig, this is a spaceship! 

To put it bluntly: the old glassware has gone into the shed and the Peak is centre stage. The clean, flavourful vapour is unrivalled. 

Puffco Plus

If a $300 dabbing station is a little bit too much for you, then you can also invest in the Puffco Plus. 

This is a much smaller device which is shaped more like a pen, and looks as though it is much better for when you’re on the go. We sadly didn’t manage to try the pen out however, it does have some really interesting features that we can talk about. 

First of all, is the dipping thread which hangs out of the bottom of the pen. Usually concentrate pens require you to put the concentrate into a small bowl. It means they can be hard to clean and a bit of a faff to load. The Puffco plus has a little thread which can hold a softer extract (like a Rosin) which can be placed into the pen and into the bowl. It looks as though it makes the whole loading experience so much more user friendly. A nice touch. 

Secondly, the Puffco plus coil, is not a coil at all. It is a ceramic bowl. We much prefer this as coils can be temperamental and the metal degrades over time. Very impressed. 

Puffco Peak & Peak Pro (review) UK


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