Loveburgh CBD Paste – 1000mg of Raw CBD

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  • Organic & Certified Full-Spectrum
  • 1000mgs / 10% CBD Content
  • Lab-tested
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Raw 1000mg CBD Paste from Loveburgh

The Loveburgh CBD paste is one of the most impressive pastes that we have tried. It is genuinely amazing. It is raw, potent, powerful and has a raw floral taste that isn’t quite as bitter as the alternatives. With a split of CBD, CBDa and CBG, this Loveburgh CBD paste is used as the base for some of the best and most effective CBD oils on the market. We are thoroughly impressed by the CBD paste and recommend to all who are looking for an amazing CBD paste.

How To Use CBD Paste

Organic raw hemp extract paste is one of the easiest CBD products to use, because it is so potent and versatile. Even though it is so easy to use, many people get put off using the cannabis paste because it seems difficult or even scary. This is partly why CBD oil is more popular than the paste because it seems easier to use and tastes much, much better. The best way to use the Loveburgh CBD paste is by squeezing just a little bit (around the size of a pea) onto your finger and place under your tongue. You can hold it there for as long as you like- at least 30 seconds is a good start. The Paste will have an earthy taste- while many people love it, others hate it. So feel free to wash it down with some organic veg juice.

It is important to put the Loveburgh hemp extract under your tongue due to the membranes there which absorb the CBD and other cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream. This way the CBD isn’t wasted while it is being metabolized in the liver- plus, you don’t taste it as much

Buy Loveburgh CBD

There are a few places that you can buy the Loveburgh CBD paste, but we have decided to refer you to a social enterprise that supports our local community. We are really passionate about supporting social causes so that our CBD industry is as good as it gets. We are really proud of the companies that we refer you to and hope that you get a fantastic customer experience!!!

1 review for Loveburgh CBD Paste – 1000mg of Raw CBD

  1. CBDbible

    Fantastic Raw CBD paste that we highly recommend

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