Dynavap ‘M’ Dry Herb Vaporiser



Wow. The Dynavap M is one of our favourite things on earth. It is robust, effective, amazing and all of the things you read in the reviews online. We adore the Dynavap and we’re really happy to have it published on our website. It is easy to carry around, robust enough to last some time, fairly discrete and is compatible with other equipment (like bongs, bowls, bubblers and more).

We think that it is a great little portable dry herb vaporiser that is ideal for a newby or somebody more experienced.

Who are Dynavap?

Dynavap is a band of designers and engineers (seemingly based in the US) who produce a range of metal vaporisers designed for dry herbs (particularly cannabis/hemp flower). Their offering is pretty small – they only produce three main items at the moment: the Dynavap M, The Omni and the Hydra Von G. What this tells us is that they are so focused on getting their products right that they do not need to have hundreds of options- the three are more than enough.

The M itself is the first of the range and comes with the smallest price tag. It is full steel and comes in a number of parts (which all can be replaced with some custom bling/ alternative pieces). Each year the M changes and improves. We currently have the 2018 and 2019 editions but the 2020 edition is currently in stock and seemingly flying off the shelves. The great thing about the Dynavap products is that they can also be used with other products such as glass bowls, rigs and can be used for a whole load of things!

They are at the top of their game and for sure the top of the metal vapouriser industry.

How the Dynavap Works

The Dynavap is unlike most vapes out there- it requires dry botanicals and a heat source (butane lighter). The idea is not to burn the botanical but vapourise the essential phytochemicals which leave behind the plant matter. It results in a cleaner, more potent, more flavourful and healthier smoking experience. When smoking, you burn and destroy a lot of the essential phytochemicals and inhale a large amount of burned plant matter which can irritate your throat or chest. The idea is to reduce this as much as possible and produce a clear white vapour, rather than a thick harsh smoke.


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