Peyote Cookies Strain

Another classic from the legends at Barney’s Farm (who brought you Wedding Cake), Peyote Cookies is a magnificent cross between Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush. Barney’s Farm is world-renowned for breeding some of the finest genetics in the cannabis world and have pulled out all of the stops in this case to isolate the best of both its parents. The Peyote Cookies strain turned out to be an easy growing and pleasurable flower.

To look at, Peyote Cookies is nothing short of majestic. The plant produces a huge yield of very dense and sticky buds which either have hues of bright green or a red/purple depending on the conditions in which it is grown. The strain has been bred to be resistant to mould so it is very easy to grow for beginners and is just as at home indoors as it is outdoors.

This strain has a very enjoyable sweet and savoury mix of flavours including sweet guava and vanilla, swirled with burnt coffee and a herbal earthiness. The flavours hit you by surprise with a fresh sweetness which cuts the smokey herbal bitterness. This strain is particularly morish so be careful not to enjoy it a little too much all at once.

Peyote Cookies is tested between 17% and 20% so this thing packs some punch. Upon the first inhale you feel the strain right away taking control of your muscles and pushing them into a spiralling relaxation. Peyote is a very strong indica so you may prefer to enjoy the strain before bed, or if you wish to be glued to the sofa for the rest of the evening. Peyote Cookies is very ling lasting and can help relieve minor aches, pains and tensions- it is also ideal for getting a great night sleep.

Peyote Cookies Seeds

It is very easy to find Peyote Cookies seeds in the UK as they can be purchased directly from Barney’ farm or one of their UK retailers. The seeds are considered completely legal in the UK, however, you need to be aware that it is currently an offence to cultivate the seeds and grow the strain itself. These may best be kept as an heirloom for when the cannabis laws are a little less victorian.


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