Peach Rings Strain

Peach Rings Strain

Strain | 60% Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC 18%- 20% | CBD (<1%)

Terpenes | Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene.

Peach Rings Weed Information

Peach Rings is a strain for a real lover of fruity weed. It also gently brings you down into a soothing sleepy high, without knocking you out. 

The strain (also known as Peach Ringz) is a cross between Marionberry Kush and the Eddy OG strain. The parent strains have shared their super fruity flavour with notes of sourness, and it’s gentle relaxing high. 


What does Peach Ring look like? 

The Peach rings strain is a real beauty. The strain can be identified by the nug’s spade-shaped which are the colour of deep green. Like algae, or a seaweed. The hairs are a burning rusty orange and the buds are thick with a crusting of trichomes. 

Flavour & Aromas 

You may expect the strains to have a very fragrant scent of peach, but the overwhelming flavour is more tropical fruit than specifically peach. The deep sweet flavour is the most overwhelming flavour that comes to the tongue and is present upon inhale and exhale. On the exhale, the slight sourness of the strain comes out and heightens the sweetness. 

This is a strain that plays on sweet and sour really well. But more suited to those who have a sweet suit. 


The Peach Ring High

Firstly, what you should expect from peach ring strain is a slight mental lift, which brings your state of mind into a state of happiness and contentment. As a high continues a sense of palpable cum drifts over your body in waves, making you feel quite sedated, relaxed and sleepy. 

At this point you will be more than ready for bed. The combination between the head high and relaxing Buddy High makes the street and extremely enjoyable one for the evening. Whether you’re a regular smoker, or new to smoking, this is a light and casual high. ]

If you’re having difficulty sleeping then this train is certainly for you. However, the peach rings straight does not put you to sleep right away. The best time to enjoy this train is in the evening outside by a fire, where you can chill and enjoy the evening fresh air before slowly retiring to the comfy covers that away. 


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