Orange Cookies Strain

Strain | 60% Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC (15 - 20+%)

Terpenes | Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool

Orange Cookies Strain

More About Orange Cookies Strain

You know for sure that anything with ‘cookies’ in the name is going to be a treat – put something Orange in there and you have a recipe for something special. 

As you may expect, the Orange Cookies stran is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Orange Juice (OJ) by Obsoul33tis Franchise Genetics (well known for the famous Alien lines). Believe it or not, this strain has made such a big splash that it was the second best hybrind in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup. 

What hits most people about this strain first is the wall of fresh tangy citrus orange which fills up a room once a container is opened. Once you start to feel and break the buds open, there is a nice peppery herbal finish which is classic for Cookies breaks up the tang nicely. 

The Orange Cookies buds are medium and hairy, with a dense indica structure. While the leaves are bright green, some nicely cured strains have a purple tint which pokes through the covering of milky white trichomes. A lot of the time, purple buds are associated with a heavy sleepy indica feeling however, it has more to do with the cultivation of the buds that its flavours or effects. The colourful and striking buds do well to hide the fresh ‘wake and bake’ flavours and effects. 

To taste the flowers burn with a nice smooth smoke which has a light sugar- candy flavours of sweet oranges, and a crumble butter vanilla biscuit which is a cookie classic. Of the many strains out there, this is certainly one that is easy to smoke time and time again – the sweetness and complex herbal funk is bloody fantastic and will keep you toking for as long as you can. It is delicious.

While the strain is a dominant indica, the effects start quickly in the head. You should expect to feel an energetic buzz which rushes down into a palpable body high to bring your energy down. You should feel nice and relaxed without feeling too heavy. What really makes this stand out is the fact that as the high continues, unlike some Indicas which can leaves you sleepy, you can expect to feel a relaxed energy. The strain is ideal for an early afternoon of simple creative tasks, or for outdoor activities.

Thanks to its nice and mixed effects, the Orange Cookies strain is ideal for the medical community. It is a great tasting strain with a nice mellow high that is prefect to remain active and sedated.