onii CBD

onii CBD are a CBD tea & coffee brand based in Ireland. We first heard about these guys after a member of the team reached out to us and asked for us to take a look. We were really impressed with what we saw, so decided we would definitely write a review. As with all of our reviews we'll be taking a look at their:

So let's get into it:

Who are onii CBD?

One of the most interesting things about Onii is that they are the only Irish cold-pressed CBD tea & coffee brand currently available on the market. That's really impressive! When you take a look around the onii CBD website, you get the feeling that the team have a deep understanding and passion for CBD. There is a very detailed CBD guide on the onii CBD website, clearly written by someone with a deep understanding for CBD. We recommend you explore the website for yourself if you'd like to get a feel for who is behind the brand.

What are the onii CBD products like?

We mentioned previously that onii CBD are specialists in CBD tea and coffee. Unlike many of the other CBD tea/coffee brands that we've reviewed over the years, onii CBD actually have some really interesting blends that you can choose from. For example, there is a Turmeric, Ginger & Lemon Tea blend available, so not only do you get the benefits of the CBD in the tea (a whopping 25mg per cup!), you'll also get the benefits of the other natural ingredients (Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and ginger is great for digestion). This tea is ideal to consume right before you go to bed.


If you're more interested in starting your day on the right foot, then the onii CBD range of coffee is a good option. There are 3 different ground coffee options, including an espresso blend, with each cup of this coffee providing 25mg of CBD. Talk about starting your day with a bang!

These products are also totally THC free, so you won't feel sluggish at all after you consume them.

Overall we're really impressed with this product range and we highly recommend you check it out.

onii CBD

In Conclusion

So overall we're really impressed with onii CBD. They have a great range of CBD tea/coffee, and we love their branding and ethos too. Check them out!