OK CBD (Our Honest Review)

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OK CBD are a CBD company based in the UK. You might have heard of OK Vape, this is the sister company. This company have gained a pretty good reputation in the UK for their CBD oils, capsules and balms.

We’ve taken an in-depth look at what OK CBD have to offer, comparing our opinions with other reviews online. Let’s get into the review:


Who are OK CBD?

Usually the best place to start when looking for information about a CBD company is their ‘About’ page, but interestingly the OK CBD ‘About’ page is quite sparse. There is not much back story here, and no information about who is behind the company. We typically don’t like this, however we’re happy to overlook it if their CBD products are good.

Another thing to note about OK CBD is that they proudly state that their products are not cheap. Again, this could rub some people up the wrong way, especially when the company are not donating any of their additional profits to charity. But reading into it more, it seems that the angle they’re going for is that their prices are expensive because they like to pour money into the development of their products, helping them to ensure quality. That’s the one thing that can’t be argued about OK CBD – their reviews are pretty stellar.

Another thing that can’t be argued about OK CBD is that their website is fantastic. Easy to use, quick and really pretty to look at. For anyone interested, the company who built this website are called Blaze Concepts.



What are the reviews like for OK CBD?

Rather than using the more popular platform Trustpilot, OK CBD have chosen to use Reviews.co.uk to collect reviews. Their current rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars, a very strong rating from over 500 reviewers:

OK CBD reviews from reviews.co.uk

The reviews for OK CBD mention that the company have a good selection of flavours for their CBD oil range, as well as good customer service. We don’t think it can be denied that these guys are doing a solid job.


What does Reddit think of OK CBD?

As always, we like to head to Reddit for some honest reviews of a company, and OK CBD are no exception. But to our surprise, we could not find a single thread about OK CBD on Reddit. This really surprised us, as the CBD community on Reddit, especially in the UK, is huge. So why is nobody talking about OK CBD on the platform? It could well be because there is no real need for anyone to mention them – the reviews are great elsewhere, so people are not seeking the opinions of others about OK CBD on Reddit.


What products do OK CBD sell?


the flavours offered by OK CBD

We’ve already mentioned the CBD oils, capsules and balms sold by OK CBD, but we should expand on this a bit. Firstly the oils – OK CBD offer 4 flavours. The flavours are Spearmint, Orange, Summer Berry and Vanilla. Now, you probably already know our opinions of flavoured CBD if you’ve looked elsewhere on our site. For the most part, we prefer the products to be as natural as possible, which means no flavourings. Plus, we actually like the hemp taste of natural CBD products! But for beginners, the oils offered by OK CBD are probably a really good choice.

Something interesting to note about the OK CBD products is the strengths. The oils they sell are extremely weak, and should really only be used by complete beginners. The highest strength they sell is 800mg, whereas some companies don’t sell anything less than 1000mg.


In Conclusion

OK CBD are pretty expensive, but have good reviews to back it up. Their flavoured oils are great for beginners, not just because they taste good, but also because they are not too strong. Recommended for people looking to dip their toes into the world of CBD.



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