Nuvata (Our Honest Review)


Nuvata are a disposable vape pen company. We first heard about these guys after looking online for a new vape device, and we found their website. After exploring a little further, we knew they’d be worth a review. As always we’ll be taking a close look at the products, as well as the customer service provided by Nuvata and the reviews. Let’s get into it:


Who are Nuvata?


The brand was founded by Andy Singh in early 2019. As a young entrepreneur he’d already had several years in business working within other industries, but his passion for the healing properties of cannabis eventually led him to start Nuvata. Seeing a gap in the market for a vaporizer device truly designed to vape cannabis, he worked hard to ensure that the device would be unique.

It’s great to see such a detailed ‘About’ section on the site, and we recommend you check it out for yourself if you’d like to learn more about the brand.


What are the Nuvata products like?

The Nuvata product range consists of a series of vaporizer devices, all designed to be used with oils which are provided with the device, so it’s a ready to use piece of kit. Each device comes with a different oil, all varying in flavour and terpene profile. We’ve never seen such a detailed breakdown of the terpenes found in each product, and to be honest it’s absolutely fascinating and really useful to see. We consider terpenes to be the unsung heros of most CBD products – sure, you want a nice amount of CBD/THC in your product, but a lot of the magic happens when these compounds are consumed with specific terpenes and other plant goodness (for example, this will allow you to experience the “entourage effect”). Flavours include Tangerine, Strawberry and Tropical. Each pen contains 500mg of CBD, a great dosage.

These pens are disposable, which is ideal as you don’t have to worry about buying refills and trying to fill the pen yourself (you just order again through the website). If you’re not sure where to start with the Nuvata product range, there is a great quiz you can take to try and find the best pen for you, very helpful!


It’s also worth mentioning that these pens are stylish and properly handheld, so no big ugly device that you have to drag around with you everywhere.


Overall we’re super impressed with this range of products, and we recommend you explore it for yourself so you can read all of the information about the terpenes in each pen.


What are the Nuvata reviews like?


We’re impressed with the products, but what are the reviews like? Unsurprisingly other people are very positive about the Nuvata product range too. Firstly you can check out all the great write-ups the brand has had in publications such as Forbes, The Hollwood Reporter and High Times on their ‘Press’ page. It isn’t just the products that journalists have taken an interest in, people also seem to love the backstory of how the company was founded.


If you’re more interested in reading customer reviews for the Nuvata products then you can check out what people are saying on Reddit about Nuvata. We like to check Reddit because there is a vast and knowledgeable CBD/vape community on there, so we definitely value their opinion about brands. We found a number of threads were users were being very positive about the Nuvata products, so that’s very promising to see.


In Conclusion

 Overall we’re super impressed with the Nuvata products – they’re innovative, stylish and clearly a lot of work has gone into ensuring they’re great. Check them out!