Nutra CBD (Our Honest Review)

Nutra CBD are a Dutch CBD company. We first heard about these guys after seeing them featured in a ‘Best CBD oil UK’ list from The Observer, so decided to do some research and conduct a review of the brand. As always we’ll be taking a look at the Nutra CBD products, reviews and customer service to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into it:

What are the Nutra CBD products like?

We should mention first of all that the Nutra CBD website is currently only available in Dutch, so we’ve had to do some Google Translate work to figure out what their products were made with!

Nutra CBD have CBD oils ranging in strength from 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. Although Nutra CBD have a link to a lab report on the product pages for these products, we couldn’t actually open them for some reason so we’re not entirely sure what’s in the bottles. They look like broad spectrum oils and they look pretty good.
If you’re not into CBD oils then Nutra CBD also have capsules and gummies that you can check out, made with the same CBD as the oils. These are less popular but still worth checking out.

One thing we’d say about all of these products is that they’re quite expensive, but they do look high quality so perhaps they warrant the price.
Be sure to check out the product pages for yourself (although if you don’t speak Dutch you’ll need to keep a translator handy!).


What are the Nutra CBD reviews like?

We’ve already mentioned that Nutra CBD were mentioned in a popular ‘Best CBD oil’ page from The Observer, but we haven’t actually seen them featured in many other places. The brand seems to be fairly new which might explain why they don’t have many reviews. They’ve only got a handful of followers on Instagram and only 1 post so they’re definitely still establishing themselves. To be honest, the fact that they’re featured in The Observer piece is probably a bigger endorsement than reviews on Facebook.

In Conclusion

So there isn’t a huge amount of information online about Nutra CBD, and the little information available is all in Dutch. But despite being relatively new they’ve clearly established a bit of a following, and we expect them to continue to grow in popularity.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK