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NeuroSkinFeeds review

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Updated September 26th, 2021

When we find interesting CBD products or brands, we always want to share them with our audience. So when we stumbled across the NeuroSkinFeeds website, we knew that we'd have to publish an article about their great offering. We'll be taking a close look at the brand and their CBD products, let's get into it:

Who is NeuroSkinFeeds?

We like to start with an overview of the brands we feature as we know readers like to know about the story behind the brand. Luckily there is a useful 'Who We Are' section on the NeuroSkinFeeds website that explains the story.

The brand was founded in 2017 by Tatu Cutillas, a leading Spanish counsellor and addiction specialist. Tatu discovered through her research that there is a very strong connection between what you apply to your skin and what your mood is. She found that certain ingredients which are commonly found in topical products can have a really negative impact on your mood, and can make you feel worse when they should really be making you feel better.

This is the idea behind NeuroSkinFeeds - create products that aren't just good for your skin, but which are also beneficial for your mood and wellbeing.

We love this philosophy and think it is really refreshing to find a brand like this.

What are the NeuroSkinFeeds products like?

There is 1 product within the NeuroSkinFeeds product that contains CBD, which is the MicroMilk. We'll take a look at this product in closer detail, and try to explain why we think it's a good choice.

The MicroMilk moisturiser is designed to be hydrating and ultra-light, making it ideal for daily use. The ingredients include antioxidant-rich camelina sativa seed oil, which not only helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier and is anti-inflammatory but also acts as a carrier for the CBD, ensuring improved bio-availability. The moisturiser is also packed with vitamins A and E it deeply, both of which further contribute towards the healing and improvement of the skin’s structure.

It has a 1% CBD concentration, meaning each application will contain cannabinoid goodness and every time you apply the moisturiser, you'll be getting the benefits of CBD.

It is advised that you apply the MicroMilk morning and night for full effect. You can currently buy this product for £33 via the NSF website, find out more information about the product here -


Image from NeuroSkinFeeds website

What are the NeuroSkinFeeds reviews like?

The best place to find reviews for the NeuroSkinFeeds product range is on the internet - lots of prominent reviewers and bloggers have tested the products rigorously and have published their thoughts online. We've included a screenshot from a blog called Simply Sarah Jane Loves, which includes a detailed breakdown of the MicroMilk product from NeuroSkinFeeds. We recommend you simply search online for these reviews and you'll find a number of similar reviews.

NeuroSkinFeeds Micro Milk

image from

NeuroSkinFeeds review

In Conclusion

Whenever we find topical products such as moisturisers that contain CBD, we're always really excited. There is increasing evidence to show how effective it can be to apply CBD topically to the skin, but it of course depends on how well-made the product is. NeuroSkinFeeds have ensured high-quality ingredients are included alongside the CBD to help with bio-availability and to make this moisturiser a seriously beneficial product. Check it out!

This article was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of articles every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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