Neon Avenue CBD blowout - you need to check this out!


Whenever we hear about an interesting CBD treatment being offered by a health or beauty brand, we're always desperate to check it out. That was exactly what we thought when we heard about the CBD blowout treatment being offered by Neon Avenue, a beauty salon based in Chicago. We'll be explaining who they are and why this treatment is so awesome.

(This is not a sponsored post - we're just really interested!)

Who are Neon Avenue?

As we mentioned, Neon Avenue is a beauty salon based in Chicago. Founded by James Rosko, the salon is on the 18th floor of the Garland Building, so you can enjoy stunning views as you're looked after by James and the team. They've been voted one of the best salons in Chicago by Business Insider, and have a loyal following who trust their team to provide them with awesome treatments consistently. It's clear that these guys know what they're doing and deserve  all the success they've had. We obviously heard about them because of their CBD treatments, but clearly they have a range of other services that are worth your time if you live in the Chicago area.

The Neon Avenue CBD blowout

As CBD enthusiasts we definitely like the sound of the CBD blowout, but what does it actually involve? The service offers the natural benefits of CBD that we're familiar with, combined with a relaxing spa-like experience. The blowout includes a CBD shampoo wash, CBD head massage, and a CBD molecular treatment - wow!

The products that Neon Avenue use for this service come from Leaf and Flower, a CBD haircare brand. Their website is jam-packed with information about their process and ethos, and it also includes lab reports to prove the CBD content of their products. Very impressive!

We're really pleased to see treatments like this growing in popularity because there is increasing evidence to show how effective CBD is when applied topically and when applied to the hair. We just hope more brands will take inspiration from Neon Avenue and start offering this type of service to their clients!




Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 11.45.48 AM
Neon Avenue CBD blowout

In Conclusion

Any of our US readers based in Chicago should definitely take the time to visit Neon Avenue and try this service out - it looks awesome!