Mr Vapour CBD (Our Honest Review)

It seems as though the UK CBD market quickly becoming a playground for some of the more successful US-based CBD companies. While it is hard to get these products directly from the source, there are plenty of companies including Fortheageless and Flawless CBD who retail US-based brands in the UK. One of those brands being Mr Vapor, a large vape shop which sells overs 200 flavours of standard and CBD vape oils.

What makes Mr Vapour stand out is their prolific range of flavours. While they do not offer any other type of CBD products, they have maybe the largest range of flavoured vape oils we have ever seen. So let us get into the Mr Vapour review:

Who is Mr Vapour?

Mr Vapour is a US-based vape company which is well known for its comprehensive range of vape oil flavours. When searching for Mr Vapour in the UK is quite hard to find this particular company, as there may be a vape shop called ‘Mr Vapour’ based here (which has terrible reviews).

The company is not a CBD company, but more so a vape oil company. The Mr Vapour CBD range clearly comes from the buzz around cannabinoids. If you look close enough, it is likely that you will find these vape oils in vape shops right across the UK, as well as online with a number of huge retailers.

The Products

It seems that MR Vapour has stuck to their guns and focused on perfecting one CBD product. They want you to be able to enjoy chasing huge clouds of smoke while being able to get some CBD into your system. One of the biggest issues with CBD vape oils is that their burning point is fairly low so some of the bigger vapes either ruin the CBD, makes the oils taste bitter or can turn your rig into a flame thrower (it is why we prefer Vape Pens and concentrates like Crumble). Mr Vapour seems to have cracked this.

What they also provide is an unrivalled range of flavours for almost every preference: if you like your flavours sweet, savoury or anywhere in between, we’re confident that you can find something you’ll like. It is a shame that you cannot buy the full range of flavours in the UK but there are still plenty on offer.

As this is an honest review, we stand by our advice that a Cannabis concentrate is the best way to vape CBD. Often, vape oils contain an isolated version of the cannabinoid which is not preferable. A concentrate also contains terpenes and other active ingredients which makes cannabis worth smoking. Otherwise, its a little pointless. If you want to try our a load of flavours, then go for it, but if you’re serious about vaping CBD then it may be best to chase some terpenes and get a vape product designed for cannabis.

What Others Say?

It has been quite hard to find a good set of reviews (on social media and on third-party platforms like Trustpilot) for Mr Vapour CBD but there are a few published on FlawlessCBD – generally, the brand seems popular due to the range of flavours so everybody finds one they like.


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