Mr Ohm (Our Honest Review) Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dunfermline

For the longest time, we have heard about this company who sell amazing CBD flower. While we like to review CBD products, we also have a real soft spot for companies who have the nugs to sell the real deal: CBD flower.

Mr Ohm has been at the forefront of cannabis culture in Scotland, and across the UK for some time now. While they do sell a range of branded CBD products (including CBDfx), they seem to be much more interested in selling the humble cannabis flower – branded as hemp tea of course.

With so much of a buzz around the company – we decided to buy some CBD flower and see what we thought about the brand and the products they sell.

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Who is Mr Ohm?

While there isn’t too much about the company online we know a few things for sure – Mr Ohm has a large cannabis shop based in Dunfermline, and for a long while had a stall in Edinburgh among other venues across Scotland in Glasgow and the borders. They are particularly well known for being one of the only companies who weathered the storm against hemp flower a couple of years ago. We do not know for sure, but we heard that they were raided by police a number of times and have been cut off numerous times from payment providers, yet they still keep going. We love an underdog and love the passion these guys clearly have for the humble herb.

It seems as though the company has passed through a number of people and has at one point in time, lost members of staff and directors. So it is fairly hard to pin down a consistent party who owns or influences the shop. Maybe for a reason as they do sell a product which sits in a grey area in the law.

While their shop in Dunfermline is still going strong, you can find news stories about the Mr Ohm Edinburgh branch closing after the seller was caught selling products that contain more THC than is legal. The shop was promptly shut down. There have also been a number of national news stories debating whether or not what the company is selling is illegal.

In our book – more power to them and we’re really happy to see that they are still going strong!


The Mr Ohm Experience

While we usually like to try a CBD oil from any company, Mr Ohm is known for its range of USA grown hemp flowers (or tea). What is really interesting is that they offer a range of products including pollen, moon-rocks, pre-rollups and chopped flower.

We decided to go for the branded Harley Quinn CBD flower which is a take on the classic CBD dominant Sativa strain Harlequin. With a citrusy, sweet herbal flavour of pine. It is certainly one of our favourite strains and is naturally high in CBD. The product cost us £21.99 for 3 grams which is a very fair price in terms of how good the quality of the flower was. The delivery came within one, or two days and was really nicely packaged. Quite often, when you buy CBD flower in the UK the buds can be really small with lots of branches. This is maybe because there is little competition and they can get away with selling poor quality buds.

The buds from Mr Ohm were nice and big, fragrant and clean. Let’s just say that we were really impressed. We used our Dynavap to try the flower which really brings out the flavours of the terpenes. The flower was really, really nice. No bitterness, completely natural and almost certainly a harlequin strain. Often hemp flower is branded as a strain but ends up being a generic hemp strain.

All in all, we were really happy with our purchase and will be buying again.


Mr Ohm Edinburgh, Dunfermline & Glasgow!


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK