Moshka- an excellent bean to bar chocolate brand harnessing the power of CBD

Moshka CBD chocolate

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Updated September 3rd, 2021

When we find interesting CBD products or brands, we always want to share them with our audience. So when we stumbled across the Moshka website, we knew that we'd have to publish an article about their great offering. We'll be taking a close look at the brand and their products, let's get into it:

Who is Moshka?

We like to start with an overview of the brands we feature as we know readers like to know about the story behind the brand. Luckily there is a great 'About Us' section on the Moshka website that explains the story.

The brand was founded by husband and wife team Jennifer and Michael, both of whom bring a different aspect to the business. Jennifer loves to travel the world and has picked up inspiration on her travels, and Michael is a horticulturalist who understands farming. As he was beginning to tire of his IT career, Michael was given the chance to buy a cocoa farm in Peru. He didn't think twice about the opportunity and the couple soon found themselves owning the farm. There was one problem though - the profits from the farm weren't being put back into the local community. Michael made sure that the farmers were paid more than market value, and that the farm produced the highest quality cacao bean possible.

After beginning to make their own chocolate in 2017, it was Jennifer who put the wheels in motion to combine the chocolate with quality CBD, after she had experienced the benefits of CBD firsthand.

It's a really amazing story and there are a few points we didn't cover, you can find the full story here -

What is the Moshka CBD chocolate range like?

We should start by reiterating that Moshka is a bean-to-bar chocolate-maker and that they take their chocolate very seriously. So although the CBD is the element that we're interested in, you should know that the chocolate is excellent too.

Now let's take a look at their CBD range - you can choose from a wide range of bars and squares, each of which differs in terms of cocoa content, flavor and CBD content. There is quite a lot to explore here but we'll be looking at a handful in closer detail.

Let's start with the CBD squares - each of these contains 20mg of CBD, but you can choose between full spectrum or isolate. It's great to have the choice as some people prefer to consume isolate products which are slightly more pure, whereas many people (us included) enjoy the benefits of consuming full spectrum CBD products. This means you don't just get the benefits of the CBD, you also get the benefits of the other plant compounds such as terpenes and other cannabinoids. 20mg per square is a great dosage because most people would only really need to consume 1 or 2 of these per day to get their CBD fix, but if you fancied having 4 (which, let's face it, you probably will) then it's perfectly safe to do so. You can buy a 6 square bundle which includes both full spectrum and isolate options.

The bars each contain 100mg of CBD, again a great concentration which is high enough to have an impact but still a safe amount to consume in 1 sitting (although we'd recommend spreading the consumption throughout the day). Because each of these chocolates is made with quality cacao butter, the bioavailability of the CBD is enhanced (the healthy fats found within the butter act as an excellent carrier for the CBD, helping you absorb the compound efficiently).

Lastly, we should mention that lab reports are available on the website and are easily accessible, which is excellent to see.

Overall, we're super impressed with this product range and recommend you explore the full range for yourself.


Image from the Moshka website

Moshka CBD chocolate

In Conclusion

Having the option between full spectrum and isolate CBD chocolate has really impressed us. Plus, the chocolate is of the highest quality too. If you're looking for a quality CBD chocolate then look no further than Moshka!

This article was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of articles every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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