Mee CBD (Honest Review)

Mee CBD is the most interesting company we have come across in a while. They seem to be pioneering a slightly different way of taking CBD every day. While there are other whole companies who do a similar thing, we have not seen a CBD company do this yet.

Let’s dig into our Mee CBD review and see what we thought of the products:

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Who are Mee CBD?

Mee CBD is a startup based in London (with members from across the globe) that launched in early 2020 just before the COVID pandemic cliff edge. They had been developing the company for three years beforehand and are dedicating their focus to one particular type of product; a water-soluble powder. Very interesting.

The company are a collective of friends who come from a wide range of backgrounds, and industries. The idea for the business came from one of the founder’s daughter’s fascination with female explorers, more specifically Margaret Mee. She was a pioneering explorer in the 1950s who was one of the most prolific Amazon explorers and found valuable botanicals there. The Mee team also aspire to pioneer a new way to improve wellbeing just as Margaret did.

Although there isn’t too much about the people behind the company on the website, after some digging we noticed that the CEO is Oli Osgood who has business experience as a CEO with Virgin & Stauss Groups, Investor and Adviser (private equity investment and finance). He is the man behind Master Plant, which looks like a cannabis biotech company specialising in unique products (like the Mee Powder).

The second person is Eleanor Coates, who has 20 years in marketing and brand development and has worked with WPP PLC, Wieden & Kennedy, Warner Music and the BBC. It was Eleanor who cofounded Mee CBD. In honesty, the designs and branding is exceptional.


Our Mee CBD Review

We managed to get hold of a couple of Mee CBD sachets as a gift while buying another CBD product. Firstly, the branding and the designs are what really stand out and piqued our interest. Then when we realised what it was, we got super excited.

It seems that Mee CBD only sells products that use their water-soluble CBD powder. The powder is broad-spectrum (contains less than 0.01% THC) and can be added to pretty much any drink you can think of; whether you like CBD in your coffee, a veg smoothy or in your gym water bottle. This is where we think the product really shines.

The major issues that traditional CBD products suffer from are ease of use, maintaining an accurate dose and bioavailability. The daily sachets are genius and great for talking about and about, or putting into your water and forgetting about it. 20mgs of CBD was never so easy, plus the fact that they are water-soluble increases the bioavailability of the CBD (water-soluble CBD is said to be about 7-10x more bioavailable).

In terms of price, Mee CBD offers a 30 sachet box for £55 (600mgs of CBD), a larger bag for £50 (still 600mgs) and some Mee drops (which is a CBD tincture). In fairness, for what you are buying this is a great price and while you can buy a 600mg oil for significantly less, we think that the bioavailability, ease of use and versatility of the powder is what makes the price worth it.

If we are to have any gripe about Mee CBD it would be that the website isn’t very clear. We know what we are looking at so there is a lot of information we can surmise, but for newcomers to CBD there are a lot of questions they will be asking about this new product. We feel that a clear mg of CBD for the whole packet wouldn’t go amiss and more developed section which back up the medical claims.

We would also like to see Lab-Reports published on the website for transparency but we understand that some companies consider their cannabinoid profile as part of their intellectual property.

Other than that, we’d say nothing bad really at all.


What do others say?

We always check any company on Trustpilot as we think it is the best way to understand if there are any issues with a company. It seems as though there are only a few reviews on their trustpilot profile but all of them are positive and 5 starts. We are looking forward to seeing more on there shortly.

As an important side note, remember that ‘Mee CBD’ is two ‘ee’s. There is another company called ‘Me CBD’ who have some negative reviews) and a company called ‘CBD Me’ so be careful not to confuse them.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK