How To Start A CBD Business (The Ultimate Guide)

The popularity of CBD is growing at an insane rate, and new businesses trying to sell the product are popping up everywhere. Some of them are killing it – but the unfortunate truth is that most of them don’t have a clue what they’re doing and are doomed to fail.

The people behind these new businesses generally fall into one of 2 camps. They’re either:

  • Cannabis enthusiasts who have a genuine passion for the product but no business or marketing experience
  • Business or marketing experts who know how to get a business up and running but don’t understand the audience for CBD

This brings us to the first point of this post – if you don’t have a genuine passion for CBD, don’t start a CBD business. It’s a market where the current audience is almost entirely composed of genuine enthusiasts, and if they sense that your business does not have a genuine passion for the product, they won’t buy and you won’t succeed.

However, we’re not here to lecture you on whether or not you should start a CBD business. We’re assuming you’ve already taken the leap and now you’re looking for some information on how to market your CBD business. Let’s get started:

Find out where the CBD audience reside and engage them.

If you’re marketing your CBD business, you want to do it on platforms where CBD users and enthusiasts reside. Typically a marketer might start with trying to build an audience on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, however currently the platforms where CBD enthusiasts hang out tend to be outside of these. Here are a few examples:


The CBD community on Reddit right now is huge. There are several communities on there talking about CBD every day, and if you’re publishing content related to CBD you’ll want to be posting to these subreddits:


With over 65,000 subscribers, /r/CBD is the biggest CBD subreddit on the platform and is exactly where you want to be focusing your time if you’re marketing your company on Reddit. Be warned though – like most of Reddit, overly promotional posts will likely be met with backlash. Your best bet is to answer questions by publishing useful content and getting readers familiar with your brand before going for the sell.


/r/cbdinfo might be a much smaller subreddit than /r/CBD, but it is still a very active subreddit with almost 8k subscribers, so it is still well worth your time to post here. The type of content which generally performs best on here is content related to CBD studies and information rather than content related to specific businesses, so keep that in mind.

CBD Forums

Our recommendation would be to mostly stick to Reddit for marketing your CBD business, however if you want to try a different platform then there is a fairly lively CBD community over on, a forum dedicated to all things weed.

Don’t make indefinite claims about the product.

We know that CBD has several health benefits, and that is exactly why the product has grow in popularity so quickly. However, in terms of 100% proven benefits of CBD, the facts differ greatly from much of what you’ll read online. So you need to ensure that your marketing efforts don’t make unsubstantiated claims about what CBD can do for one’s health. The confirmed health benefits of CBD include:

  • Pain relief/anti-inflammation
  • Anti-seizure properties
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Assist sleep

If you start to make claims outside of these in your marketing materials then you’ll likely come up against some backlash. Be sure to focus more on the confirmed benefits of CBD rather than the benefits which are yet to be confirmed.

Don’t attach yourself to ‘weed culture’ too much.

This is more our personal opinion rather than absolute fact, but we stand by it – CBD is growing because people who have no interest in ‘weed culture’ are using it. By which we mean older people and younger people (younger than 16) are using the product to improve their health. And the reason they’re using it is because they’re no longer thinking of it as a cannabis product. So really, you want to try and reduce the cannabis focus within your marketing materials – this will allow you to reach more people (people who have negative views of cannabis but who are open to the benefits of CBD).

Ready to start your CBD business?


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK