Maripharm (Our Honest Review)

Maripharm are a Cannabis company based in the Netherlands. They’ve got a pretty extensive range of cannabis products, but for this review we’ll be focusing on their CBD products.

They describe themselves as a ‘phytopharmaceutical’ company. Founded in 1995, the company has apparently helped the Dutch government on programmes to improve citizens’ quality of lif through the use of cannabis. These guys are obviously big players in the industry and are a well known brand

There is a team of doctors and scientists behind Maripharm, which is great to see and gives us hope that their products will be great. Let’s get into the review:

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What are the Maripharm products like?

As we mentioned in the intro, Maripharm sell a range of cannabis products all of which are made in the Netherlands, but we’ll be focusing on their CBD products in this review. Their oils are available in concentrations of 2%, 4% and 10% – actually a pretty low range of concentrations to choose from. They’re all full spectrum and there are lab reports on the website which prove this.

Aside from the oils they’ve also got 2 skin creams, both of which contain a small amount of CBD and are used to treat conditions like acne and to treat ageing. The skin creams are both broad spectrum products which means they contain absolutely no THC.


What are the Maripharm reviews like?

We couldn’t find a Trustpilot profile for Maripharm but we did find a number of positive reviews for the brand on platforms like Facebook and Google. Typically we’d like to see a Trustpilot profile associated with any company selling CBD products, however often companies based in central Europe choose not to use it (for whatever reason).


In Conclusion

Ultimately as far as lower strength oils go, these guys look like a great choice. We’re less keen on the broad spectrum CBD skin creams and we think that their website is a little difficult to navigate, but overall they look like a solid choice.






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