Lueur CBD Face Serum - have you heard of this?


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Updated March 20th, 2021

Lueur is a CBD skincare company based in the USA (L.A to be exact). We first heard about this brand after a reader recommended we check them out. There is an online store called CBD Choice that you can order from if you're based in the UK and would like to try these products, otherwise we know our US readers will get a kick out of us conducting a review of this brand. We'll be taking a close look at the Lueur products, customer service and third-party reviews to see how they compare to other similar brands, so let's get into it:

Who is Lueur?

There is a great 'About' page on the Lueur website that explains a bit more about the background of the brand. Lueur was founded in 2019 by Leandra​ and Othman, with both of them bringing a different perspective to the business. Leandra had struggled with acne for almost a decade and had tried countless products to tackle the condition to no avail. She realised that the products she was trying were packed with harsh ingredients and she started to explore more natural alternatives. Othman had been using CBD to treat his eczema and had found it to work wonders, so recommended it to Leandra. They'd now both experienced the wondrous effects of CBD for their skin first-hand, so felt that they could create a skincare brand that puts CBD at the heart of their products.

This story resonates with us for a few reasons - firstly, it's just very genuine. It's great to hear that both founders came into the business after experiencing the benefits of CBD for themselves. But also, we know many people who have used CBD to treat acne with great success. What makes CBD such an exciting compound for treating acne is that the popular alternatives on the market are all really harsh. Products like salicylic acid can really dry out your skin and cause redness, whereas CBD has very few side effects (if any at all really). What a great backstory!

What are the Lueur products like?

The Lueur product range is very simple and straightforward - they've got a face serum and a gua sha tool. We'll admit, we don't actually know much about gua sha tools...but after a quick search online it looks like a pretty neat tool to help massage and tone your face. We might give one a shot!

But as you know, we're most interested in the CBD face serum as we are first and foremost a CBD blog. And let's be honest, this is a great product. It's made with 50mg of broad spectrum CBD which means you don't just get the benefits of the CBD in the serum, you also get the benefits of all of the other plant goodness present (terpenes etc.) without the THC. These other unsung plant nutrients really take CBD products to the next level.

There are a number of other beneficial compounds present in the serum including Vitamin E, Vitamin C and an antioxidant complex. These work in harmony with the CBD to brighten, repair and even out skin tone.

This is a fantastic product and we're really impressed by it.

What are the Lueur reviews like?

We mentioned the CBD Choice website that you can buy the Lueur face serum from, and based on the reviews over there the product is currently sitting with a perfect 5-star rating. Customers seem really happy with the quality of the product - one customer comments on how hydrated it makes their skin feel. Definitely check out those reviews on the CBD Choice website.

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In Conclusion

We love that Lueur have focused all of their efforts on producing one excellent face serum product. If you're looking for a CBD product to use on your face to help with conditions such as acne, definitely check this out!

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