Little Rick CBD drinks review (Honest Thoughts)

Little Rick CBD drinks review

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Updated September 18th, 2021

We typically consume CBD oils, pastes and capsules most days, but occasionally we like to try different types of CBD products. When we saw the Little Rick CBD drinks range, and saw a 'mint and lime' flavour, we knew we'd have to try this. We only tried one flavour but here is our full review:

What are the Little Rick CBD drinks like?

So to start with, we should mention that each can of Little Rick is packed with 32mg of CBD. This is pretty whopping for a drink and for most people, might actually be a little too much. The Calm cola CBD drink that we reviewed previously only had 10mg and that is a decent dosage, so comparatively 32mg is pretty crazy. CBD drinks tend to attract newbies, and I can imagine if someone who had never tried CBD before had this drink, they might feel a little woozy!

But for us, this dosage was pretty ideal for a late afternoon intake. The taste was really nice and the drink is low in sugar (Little Rick also has sugar-free options).

Overall, we really liked this quite a lot! We paid about £2 for it which was a good price (you pay about £2.40 per can if you buy via the Little Rick website). I think this drink would be ideal to take and drink while you're watching a chilled out movie at the cinema.

Little Rick CBD drink mint and lime 32mg

What are the Little Rick CBD drinks reviews like?

Little Rick collects reviews on Trustpilot, which is our preferred review platform. They're sitting with a great rating of 4.7 out of 5 ('Excellent') from over 300 reviews, which is impressive. Definitely check out the Trustpilot profile for yourself.

Little Rick CBD drinks Trustpilot

In Conclusion

We enjoyed this CBD drink from Little Ricka lot and would definitely try another one.

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