Le Herbe (Our Honest Review)

Le Herbe is a cannabis beverage company based in the USA. We first heard about these guys after seeing their water soluble cannabinoid products featured in a number of publications, so we decided to conduct a full review of the brand. As always we’ll be taking a close look at their products and reviews to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into the review:

Who is Le Herbe?

Le Herbe, pronounced “The Erb”, is an employee owned company and has been crafting cannabis beverages since 2014. So it’s fair to say they know what they’re doing. Their vast experience with cannabis science has allowed them to create a variety of interesting and effective products, from ready-to-drink cannabis beverages to their newest water soluble cannabinoids. We’ve reviewed a number of CBD drinks companies on our blog (such as Green Monkey, Love Hemp and Kolibri) but we’ve never reviewed a company with products like Le Herbe. 

What is Le Herbe experience?

Le Herbe offers a variety of cannabis and hemp products, but we first heard about them through their range of water soluble cannabinoid powders. What’s great about these powders is the high bioavailability, they’re totally flavourless and odourless, and have fast acting onset effects (5-10 min). You can mix them into your favorite beverage (CBD tea!) and enjoy the power of Mother Nature. For example, a single serving will provide you with 25mg of CBD, a considerable amount. The issue that many people have with current CBD products is low bioavailability, strong hempy taste, and variable onset effects (1 hr +). So having an alternative like this is great. If you want to consume cannabinoids other than CBD, then you can buy a variety of formulations directly via their online store. They have whole plant formulations (symphony effect), zero THC formulations, CBD + CBG (1 to 1 ratio), just CBG, and coming soon CBN.

The issue with many CBD drinks on the market currently is threefold – firstly, many of them don’t taste great. Secondly, they don’t provide a significant dose of CBD. Thirdly, they are not scientifically formulated for absorption (bioavailability), you get more of a placebo effect than an actual effect from cannabis. Le Herbe solves all of these issues.

What are the Le Herbe reviews like?

Le Herbe has been featured in loads of publications as we mentioned, and every time they’re mentioned it’s in a positive light. That’s gotta be a good sign! But if you’re interested in user reviews then Reddit is a good place to check out. There are a couple of threads on Reddit which mention the brand and again, it’s always in a positive context. There is a knowledgable and honest cannabis community on Reddit, so if they’re liking Le Herbe then that’s also a good sign.

In Conclusion

We love companies who craft innovative cannabis and hemp products, and that’s exactly what Le Herbe has done. Check them out!


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