Lazarus Naturals is a company based in the United States of America that offer a wide range of great CBD products. We were lucky enough to try a few of their CBD products recently, including the balm and the high potency pack. With all the hype around their products, we were quite excited to try the products out.

Overall thoughts

Yes, Lazarus Naturals are really good and they have maybe the widest range of CBD products that I have ever seen. They have masses of CBD oils, pastes, Isolates, balms and even caps! For such a huge company they really do like to pass their benefits down to the customers. Veterans, disabled and low-income families get 60% off of their order.   We liked these guys a lot. The balm is made with mint which helps it soothe, and the high potency pack comes with a variety of products which are all of a higher CBD concentrate so you can really feel the benefit. The balm comes in a handy tin which is pocket-sized and can easily be taken around with you wherever you need it. If you’re looking to buy Lazarus Naturals the check this out – free shipping on orders over $25 (if ordering within the USA). Pretty sweet! Overall we highly recommend our US readers check thsese guys out!