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Kyoto Botanicals are a CBD company based in the United States. We first heard about these guys after seeing their flavoured CBD tinctures. We were impressed so decided they would be worth a full review for our blog. As always we’ll be taking a look at their:

So let's get into it:

Who are Kyoto Botanicals?

Kyoto Botanicals have a great ‘Our Story’ page on their website that provides a detailed insight into the backstory of the brand. This starts with the name – Kyoto is the former capital of Japan, famous for its shrines, temples and nature. For Kyoto Botanicals, Kyoto represents a city where nature flourishes. Similarly their logo, the bonsai tree, is representative of nature and how humans live alongside nature.

There is clearly a huge amount of thinking behind the Kyoto Botanicals branding, and that really impresses us. We see lots of companies with uninspiring branding and brand names, but we love how much effort Kyoto Botanicals have made.

What are the Kyoto Botanicals products like?

We should first of all mention that Kyoto Botanicals own and operate their own manufacturing facility, where they control every step of the mixing and bottling process. This is seriously impressive because most companies import their products bottled from elsewhere, whereas Kyoto Botanicals are dealing with the raw materials themselves. Their products are also third-party lab tested, something that we deem absolutely essential.

The Kyoto Botanicals product range consists of tinctures, topicals and gummies. It’s not a massive product range, but we actually find this to be a positive rather than a negative. We’d much rather that brands focus on a small number of products to ensure quality.

Let’s start with the tinctures – Kyoto Botanicals have 3 oils, available in 3 different flavours. This includes Lemon Ginger, Spearmint and Cinnamon Turmeric. It’s great to see that these oils aren’t just flavoured with random flavours, but actually with natural ingredients that have health benefits on their own. For example, ginger helps blood circulation and turmeric helps inflammation.

Each oil is available as either 600mg or 1200mg bottles, a nice range to choose from. We’d probably opt for the 1200mg bottle as it’s well priced and we like to consume around 20mg CBD per day.

These are full spectrum oils made with an MCT carrier. What we like about full spectrum products is that they don’t just contain CBD, they also contain other plant goodness like terpenes and a small amount of THC. This combination of plant goodness and cannabinoids allows users to benefit from the “entourage effect” whereby all these compounds work in harmony to provide a relaxing sensation.

The gummies also look great, and we recommend that you explore the topical range yourself as there is lots of information there (they’re also full spectrum too). However as we would be most likely to consume a CBD oil, we’re most interested in the tinctures and they are fantastic. Definitely take a look!


What are the Kyoto Botanicals reviews like?

Kyoto Botanicals collect reviews from customers on their product pages, and you can check those out on their website. For example, their Spearmint tincture is currently sitting with a perfect 5 star rating from 7 users. Reading the reviews it seems like customers are really impressed with how much this tincture has helped them sleep.

As for reviews elsewhere, you can check out the Kyoto Botanicals Google profile and Facebook profile. They’re sitting with a perfect 5-star rating on both platforms, very impressive. We recommend you explore these reviews for yourself.

kyoto botanicals Review (1)

In Conclusion


So overall we’re really impressed by Kyoto Botanicals – their products are stellar and they’ve clearly put a huge amount of thought into their branding and what they stand for. Check them out!