Kush Mints Strain

Kush Mints Strain

Strain | 50% Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC (26-28%)

Terpenes | Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene and Linool.

More About the Kush Mints (Kush Mintz)

Seed Junky Genetics have produced an almost perfect 50% hybrid strain. This could be a bias opinion, but the Kush Mints offers everything you want from cannabis. The strain draws from it’s parents, Bubba Kush and Animal Mints to create a hard-hitting 26-28% THC that packs huge bang for buck. 

If you have the Mints to try it, then this is an exceptionally lovely strain for late afternoon or evening. 

What Does Kush Mints Look Like? 

Simple. Thick frosty white trichomes stick the fluffy green bits together, and gives the bud a beautiful shine in the right light. There is little colour, usually, and the Kush Mints strain is mainly identified by it’s unique minty, earthy aroma. 

Aroma & Flavours

Don’t think mint like toothpaste, think mint like a fresh herb garden on a summer’s day. The main notes here are crisp, floral and refreshing minty herbs. It is akin to a warm day in the garden. The herbal top notes are grounded with a ‘kush lite’ funk which brings an earthy, slightly peppery, element. Some say there are notes of cookie, coffee and burnt short-crust crumb. 
Kush Mints is a uniquely more-ish strain. 

The Kush Mintz Marijuana High!

You’re going to need to stock up the fridge because the munchies are strong with this one. The flavour may be refreshing and begin with a wonderful uplifting high which cascades into a warm relaxing mind and body buzz. 
You’ll enter waves of calm as if warm water is washing over you. If you overindulge, the couch-lock elements come through and you’ll start to feel extremely mellow, almost sedated. Still, you’ll live in a bubble of happiness and contentedness. The only thing that will disrupt your calm will be the need to grab some snacks.


Side Effects

The strains have high levels of THC (between 26-28%) and very low levels of other cannabinoids which means that this strain is particularly potent. You should be aware that there are potential negative side effects which come with high THC strains- the list of noted effects are as below: 

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness


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