Kitchen Toke (Our Honest Review)

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Positive review

Updated 2021

Kitchen Toke are a CBD company based in the United States. We first heard about these guys after seeing them mentioned in a few publications online, so we decided to conduct a full review of the brand. As always we'll be looking at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they're worth your time. Let's get into the review:

Who are Kitchen Toke?

Kitchen Toke was founded by Joline Rivera, who wanted to create a company that only sold the best possible CBD products. Rivera was introduced to the benefits of medical marijuana to help a friend’s father who was suffering with cancer. After seeing the potential of the compound, Rivera decided to create a CBD company with a difference - not trying to sell everything and anything, but instead focusing on a curated selection of the finest CBD products on the market, all of which have been rigorously tested and reviewed by Rivera herself.
We love to see a brand with a passionate person behind it, and that's exactly what we have with Kitchen Toke.


What are the Kitchen Toke products like?



We mentioned that the product range offered by Kitchen Toke has been carefully put together by Rivera, and that's exactly the impression you get as soon as you land on the shop page. What's great about this is that you'll be introduced to brands that you might not have heard of otherwise - there are a few brands that we recognise immediately, but more than a few that we'd never heard of before but which look great.

They offer a huge range of branded products (including Dazey): they mostly include CBD oils, some CBD cosmetics, edibles and other products.

You should explore the full range yourself, but one thing that we must mention is that on every tincture product page you can find lab reports - hallelujah! We find so many companies that overlook this, so it's great to see a company putting this information front and centre.
Lastly, Kitchen Toke do actually have their own honey too (Red Belly Hemp Honey by Kitchen Toke). This looks great (we tried it to make sweet CBD tea) and is totally organic. Honey is full of benefits on it's own, so to combine it with CBD makes for a very potent product.

What are the Kitchen Toke reviews like?

You'll find loads of in-depth reviews for Kitchen Toke in all sorts of publications, but as always we're most interested in customer reviews. Luckily Kitchen Toke have included customer reviews on their honey product page. This product is currently sitting with a 5-star rating from 15 reviews. Overall reviewers seem delighted with the quality of the product as well as the service provided by the company. Great stuff!


In Conclusion

Overall Kitchen Toke seem to be doing a great thing and we're excited to see what other products they release in the future. Check them out!