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Kiara Naturals review - Swiss CBD brand

Kiara Naturals CBD review

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Updated May 14th, 2021

Kiara Naturals is a CBD brand based in Switzerland. They're very popular despite being based in Switzerland, and we've seen them in a few 'Best CBD UK' posts, so thought we'd review them. As always we'll be taking a look at:


Who is Kiara Naturals?

What are the Kiara Naturals CBD products like?

What are the Kiara Naturals CBD third-party reviews like?


So let's get into the review:

Who is Kiara Naturals?

There is a nice 'About Us' section on the Kiara Naturals website that explains a bit about the backstory of the brand and how they came to be. What we like about Kiara Naturals is that they grow their own hemp in Switzerland, and they've been doing that since 2005 - wow. This makes them practically ancient in the world of CBD, which is mostly dominated by newer brands. But what we also like about the Kiara Naturals website is that they don't just focus on the quality of the products on their About page, they also outline what they stand for and what their ethos is. This is a useful page and we recommend you check it out before buying anything from Kiara Naturals.



What are the Kiara Naturals CBD products like?

The Kiara Naturals product range is split into different categories depending on what the purpose of the product is. This includes categories like 'Sleep', 'Pain' and 'Recover'. This is useful as you can easily navigate the website to find CBD products for whatever purpose you desire. There are quite a few products to explore, so we'll be looking only a handful of them in detail, starting with their oils.

Kiara Naturals stocks a full spectrum CBD oil which looks great to us. It's available in 3 different concentrations (10%, 20% and 30%) and is made with MCT as a carrier oil, which is great for absorption. We love to see that these oils are third-party lab tested and Made in an FDA approved facility. Definitely check these out for yourself.

Also be sure to check out the Kiara Naturals topical products, which also look great. We like to see that Kiara Naturals have included other beneficial natural compounds in these products alongside the CBD.

Overall we're super impressed with this product range from Kiara Naturals and recommend you check it out.

What are the Kiara Naturals reviews like?

Kiara Naturals collect reviews using YoTpo, a nice third-party review platform that we see used by US brands quite often. What we like about YotPo is how you can read reviews for specific products and not just for the brand itself. For example, we've included a screenshot which shows the reviews for their full-spectrum CBD oil. Overall customers seem really impressed with the Kiara Naturals products as well as the customer service, check those out.

Kiara Naturals reviews

In Conclusion

We hadn't heard of Kiara Naturals until recently but it seems that they have a big following in the US and are growing a following here in the UK. Check them out!

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