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KannaSwiss review

Kannaswiss are a CBD company based in Switzerland, but their products are available to buy in a number of places across the UK. Despite being based in Switzerland, they've built up a big following in the UK and are pretty well known here. We keep seeing their name pop up, so we thought it would be a good idea to conduct a review of them. We'll be taking a look at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they're worth your time. Let's get into the review:

What are the KannaSwiss products like?

The Kannaswiss product range consists of broad spectrum CBD oils, gummies, topicals and a few other products. It's interesting to see such a popular brand focus on such a small product range, but as we know less can often mean more in the CBD industry, and it's actually really refreshing to see brands focusing on a smaller number of products.

Taking a look at the CBD oils first of all, they're available in 3 different concentrations - 6%, 12% and 24%. Kannaswiss also have lab reports on the product page proving that the oils are indeed THC free. Broad spectrum oils are ideal for anyone that wants the benefits of CBD and the other plant goodness found within the hemp plant (terpenes etc.) without the THC. The carrier oil used is organic MCT oil which is great for absorption and is also packed with goodness like fatty acids.

We're also really impressed by the Face The Day and Save The Day products - a cream and balm that contain 250mg and 75mg of CBD respectively. Each product is also packed with other natural compounds that help enhance the effects of the CBD, such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter and sunflower oil. There is now lots of evidence that shows how effectively CBD can be absorbed by the skin, so we're really excited when we find quality topical products like these.

Overall we're really impressed with the KannaSwiss product range and recommend you explore it for yourself.

What are the Kannaswiss third-party reviews like?

Kannaswiss have a Trustpilot profile, but they've set this up very recently. Despite being pretty new, they've already gained a number of 5-star reviews on there. The customers seem delighted with the quality of the products. We expect to see lots more 5 star reviews on there as more time passes.

KannaSwiss Trustpilot reviews
KannaSwiss Reddit review

What does Reddit think of KannaSwiss?

We always like to check Reddit for honest reviews of CBD companies, because there is a very active CBD community on there. We found a number of threads about KannaSwiss on Reddit, all of which were very positive. You can see from the image above that a UK-based reviewer was recommending that people in the UK who want good CBD should buy from companies like KannaSwiss who are based in other parts of Europe. The user recommended places like Switzerland and Austria, as it'll save you money and ensure a quality product. Definitely explore Reddit for more mentions of KannaSwiss.

In Conclusion

KannaSwiss might be based in Switzerland, but don't overlook these guys if you're wanting a broad spectrum oil at a good price. They're well priced and they've got lab reports for everything they sell, which is more than we can say about lots of popular UK based CBD companies.

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