KAMU Labs are a plant-based wellness company based in the United States. We first heard about these guys after seeing their CBD oil featured in a few high-profile publications, so we decided to check them out. As with all of our reviews we'll be taking a look at their products, customer service and customer reviews to see if they're worth your time. Let's get into it:

Who are KAMU Labs?

There is a fantastic 'Our Story' section on the KAMU Labs website that explains the story behind Kamu Labs. The brand was founded by Robyn and Jonathan, 2 wellness enthusiasts who wanted to explore the health benefits of plants for personal reasons. Jonathan's wife was battling cancer, and Robyn was the head of a medical cooperative for adults and children. They worked together to produce a range of wellness products that provided a variety of health benefits, harnessing the power of plants and other natural substances. KAMU Labs has grown from strength to strength since the brand was founded, and they've now established themselves as an excellent wellness brand. Feel free to read the 'Our Story' section for yourself, as well as the 'Our Founders' page that provides even more information about the people behind the brand.

What are the KAMU Labs products like?

There is a page on the KAMU Labs website titled 'The KAMU difference' where you can read about how KAMU labs produce their products and what makes them different from competitors. We'll be focusing on how they produce their CBD products for the purposes of this review. They source their hemp from small US farms based in Oregon and Minnesota, chosen specifically for their sustainable, responsible, pesticide-free practices. This ensures that the hemp produced is entirely free of any nasties. We appreciate having all this information about the KAMU labs production processes, and it shows us that they really care about producing the best product possible.  The KAMU Labs product range consists of oils, capsules and balm. It's not a huge selection but actually that's a positive for us - we're always a little suspicious when we see brands stocking hundreds of different types of products because it would be hard to maintain quality across such a wide range of products. We like that KAMU Labs have focused on a smaller number of products because it'll be easier for them to ensure they're good.


We'll be looking at the oils as that's what we'd typically use. KAMU Labs have 2 different CBD oils to choose from - Dream and Vitality. Each oil includes other natural compounds alongside CBD to provide even more health benefits. For example, the Dream oil includes lavandin and the Vitality oil includes Vitamin C. The Dream oil is full-spectrum which means it contains a small amount of THC. We like this because when THC is consumed alongside CBD it allows users to benefit from the "entourage effect" whereby the cannabinoids work in harmony to produce a relaxing sensation. Full-spectrum also means the oil contains other plant goodness such as terpenes, another big tick for us. The Vitality CBD oil is broad-spectrum so it doesn't contain any THC but does contain all the other plant goodness such as terpenes. Broad-spectrum oils are ideal for anyone who is drug tested regularly or who doesn't want to consume THC, so it's ideal to have a choice between the 2.  Overall we're super impressed with these oils and highly recommend you check them out. They're well priced and if you subscribe to receive a regular delivery of the oils, you'll get a nice discount too.

What are the KAMU Labs reviews like?

KAMU Labs collect reviews on the product pages of their site, so you can see what people think of specific products. Both of the CBD oils are sitting with a perfect 5-star rating which is very impressive to see. Overall reviewers seem really impressed with the quality of the products, as well as the service provided by KAMU Labs. Definitely check out these product page reviews for yourself.  If you're looking for reviews from elsewhere then you can check out some of the articles that KAMU Labs have been featured in, for example Forbes.


In Conclusion

So we're really impressed with the KAMU Labs CBD products and we would give them a big tick. Check them out!