Joy Organics (Our Honest Review)

Joy Organics are a USA based CBD company who have grow a bit of a following in the UK. We’ve reviewed a number of USA based companies recently as they become more readily available to buy here in the UK. We first heard about Joy Organics when looking for broad spectrum CBD products online, so we thought we’d conduct a short review of them. We’ll be taking a look at their products, reviews and customer service to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into the review:


If you’d like to buy Joy Organics here in the UK you can buy from the trusted brand Pairidaeza Health ( Check them out!

What are the Joy Organics products like?

Tinctures, capsules, gummies, energy drinks and even pet products (the USA are a bit more chill about CBD products for pets, we’re still working on that over here). I’ve already mentioned that these are broad spectrum products, which means they contain absolutely zero THC in their CBD products. We don’t mind this, but typically we prefer full spectrum products which contain a nice small and legal amount of THC.
One of the nice things about the oils offered by Joy Organics is that they’re available in a number of flavours, including mint and lemon. Some people can’t stand the taste of natural CBD products (personally we love it but each to their own), so for people like that the oils sold by Joy Organics are ideal.

Also, we can’t overlook these energy drinks as these look really cool. They’re actually little sachets so would be awesome to take with you on a long run or cycle, and each sachet contains 12.5mg of CBD which could help reduce any inflammation you’re suffering from during your exercise.


What are the Joy Organics reviews like?

Joy Organics have a number of positive reviews on platforms like Facebook and Google, but we couldn’t find a Trustpilot profile or anything like that for them. Hopefully they’ll consider signing up to a third party platform like Trustpilot in the future.


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