Jersey Hemp (Our Honest Review)

Jersey Hemp (our review)

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Updated April 11th, 2021

Jersey Hemp are a CBD company based in Jersey, in the Channel Islands. They've built up a reputation for great quality hemp products, and we'd heard a bit of buzz about them online. We thought it would be a good idea to conduct a full review of Jersey Hemp to see what all the buzz is about! We'll be taking a look at their products, customer service and reviews to determine if they're a good fit for you. Let's get into the review:

Who is Jersey Hemp?

David, Blair, Christopher and Craig are the guys behind Jersey Hemp. They've all got really interesting backgrounds and all bring a different perspective to the business - David was a firefighter and a marine, Blair was also a firefighter, Chris is a botanic expert and Craig is a finance whizz. If you wanted to create the ultimate team to get a CBD company up and running, these guys would basically be The Avengers. We should add that it's nice to actually know who is behind the company for once. So many companies that we review have no 'About' sections and remain faceless/nameless, whereas the Jersey Hemp site is packed with information about the team. We appreciate that!

What are the Jersey Hemp products like?

Dave and Blair out on the farm

Jersey Hemp grow their hemp plants using organic methods - and without the use of any artificial pesticides, fertilisers or other chemical nasties. Healthy soil grows healthy plants, which is why Jersey Hemp introduces natural soil rejuvenation techniques that restore nutrients to the soil without the use of agricultural chemicals. Better for the hemp plants, better for Jersey's hemp fields and better for the people that buy hemp and CBD products from Jersey Hemp!  The core of the Jersey Hemp product offering is their range of CBD oils. Regular readers will know that oils are our preferred type of CBD product as we believe that CBD is best consumed sublingually, and oil makes this very easy. Jersey Hemp sell a mix of full spectrum and broad spectrum oils, a nice mix of options for customers. We're all about full spectrum CBD products as we like to benefit from the entourage effect, however we appreciate that there are loads of people out there who would prefer to use broad spectrum products so they avoid the THC. Also, guess what? Jersey Hemp have lab reports to prove the content of everything in their bottles. If you find a company without lab reports, we'd suggest avoiding them. The CBG oils are also interesting. We're less familiar with CBG and there is less research that has been carried out into this compound vs CBD, however we're convinced it'll continue to grow in popularity as it appears to have similar benefits. 'CBG Bible' coming soon. There is also a hemp protein powder on sale, which is 50% protein. As far as vegan protein powders go that is pretty great. And that's it as far as products go, but actually that's all we really need! Edibles, lotions and potions can be great but if all you want is the benefits of CBD, oils are possibly your best choice.

What are the reviews like for Jersey Hemp?

Jersey Hemp use to collect reviews, a UK based review platform which is pretty popular with CBD companies. They're currently sitting with a 4.7 out of 5 rating from almost 40 reviews, not too shabby at all and a really nice start considering they haven't been on the platform for long. Customers seem delighted with the customer service and products overall, and the lower scores don't seem to be based on Jersey Hemp specifically but rather on CBD itself. We'll keep an eye on their profile as more reviews come through.

Jersey Hemp (our review)

In Conclusion

What more is there to say? They're an honest company selling a full spectrum CBD oil, that alone should be enough to score top marks. If we had to be really harsh we'd say it's a shame in many ways that they're based in Jersey as we'd like to visit their physical location. But ultimately that's a bit selfish and doesn't impact our ability to buy from them. Find out more about all the awesome stuff Jersey Hemp do here

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