ila CBD products (Our Honest Review)

ila are a skincare company based in the UK. Founded by Denise Leicester, the company set out with a mission to provide people with the benefits of natural products. Developed from a refined selection of plants, flowers, and herbs, the ila range proves that skin care products can be natural and effective. We first heard about these guys after stumbling across several positive reviews for their CBD product range, so decided to check them out for ourselves. In this review we’ll be exploring the ila CBD product range, so let’s get into it:


What are the ila CBD products like?

ila have 5 CBD products, including a CBD balm, a face cream and a face serum. We should start by mentioning that CBD has been shown to provide a number of benefits to the skin when applied topically. For example, you’ll find some research which suggests that topical usage of CBD can help improve skin conditions such as acne and eczema. This is why CBD has become an increasingly popular ingredient in skincare products, and why companies like ila (as well as companies like Hope CBD, CBD Brothers and Vitality CBD) have decided to release a CBD product range.
What we love about the ila CBD range is that each product is mixed with other natural ingredients that compliment and work alongside the CBD. For example, the face cream contains Cactus Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Jasmine and Sandalwood which can provide similar anti-inflammation benefits to CBD. Elsewhere the Gold Face Serum (which literally contains gold) is packed with additional ingredients like Vitamin E to help retain moisture in the skin.
For us we’re always most keen to see that CBD products actually contain a significant amount of CBD, so it’s great to see that ila list the ingredients on each of their product pages.

If you’re keen to try and consume CBD then the Better Day Drops are the product for you. At 5% CBD per 15ml bottle, this is a good concentration to take daily. We really like the fact that this CBD oil is formulated with a hint of vanilla, which provides additional health benefits and a slightly more palatable taste.


What are the ila CBD product reviews like?

 As we mentioned previously, ila have a number of reviews published on their website which you can check out. But if you’re like us and you prefer to read reviews on a third-party platform, ila also have a Trustpilot profile. Currently they’re sitting with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 50 reviews, a good rating. Overall reviewers seem delighted with the quality of the products.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for topical CBD products, look no further than ila. They’ve obviously put a lot of time into ensuring that their products are high quality, and we give them a big thumbs up.
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