Hop & Hemp (Our Honest Review)

Hop & Hemp are a craft CBD beer company based in the UK. We usually review CBD companies who sell products like oils and pastes (like Holland and Barrett or Vitality CBD) so it’s a little strange for us to be reviewing a company like Hop and Hemp, but trust us when we say they are doing something which is worth your attention. As always we’ll be taking a look at their product range, their customer service and their reviews to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into the review:

If you’re more interested in oils then we have also reviewed: ProvacanHempuraHolland & Barrett (Jacob Hooy), FourFIVE CBDCBD Brothers, Access CBD and more! But if you’re here for great CBD beer then keep reading. 


What are the Hop & Hemp products like?

As we already mentioned, Hop and Hemp produce CBD craft beers. They’ve got 2 varieties to choose from on their website, an IPA and a lager. Each 330ml bottle of beer provides 8mg of CBD, which is actually a lot more than we thought there would be. For example, the Love Hemp water only provides 5mg of CBD per 500ml, so actually the Hop and Hemp beer is great in comparison.
These aren’t just mass-produced beers either – they’re craft beers, so you’ll get notes and proper flavour. For example the IPA has a Lemon and Biscuit taste, and the lager has a Honey, Citrus taste. So you’re not just consuming these beers to get a CBD top up, you’re consuming them to enjoy them.
Overall you might not consume these beers to get your entire CBD intake for the day, but as a way to top-up your cannabinoid intake for the day we honestly can’t think of many other better options.

If you’re unsure of anything else about these beers, Hop and Hemp have a really useful FAQ section on their site which answers common questions you may have.


What are the Hop & Hemp reviews like?

 If you want to read what other customers think of Hop & Hemp, then it’s worth checking out some of the reviews online and on their Google profile (where they’re currently sitting with a 5-star rating). Overall customers seem really happy with the product, as well as the speed and ease of delivery. The interesting thing to note about many of the reviews for Hop and Hemp is that it’s from beer publications, so they’re reviewing it as a beer rather than as a CBD product. And the products still have brilliant reviews! That’s all you need to know really isn’t it.

In Conclusion

 Typically we recommend our readers products like CBD tea and water to top-up their intake during the day or the evenings, but actually CBD beer from Hop & Hemp might be even better. 8mg of CBD per bottle and great tasting, what’s not to like? Check them out.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK