Holistic Hemp Scotland (Our Honest Review)

Holistic Hemp Scotland review

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Updated July 11th

Holistic Hemp Scotland are a great CBD company and one of the biggest in Scotland, if not the UK. They have a very high standard of products, which are ethical and reasonably sourced. To add to that, they have a robust brand and have a good reputation within the Scottish CBD community. We're sure you've heard about them many times over the years, from word of mouth to seeing them listed in 'Best CBD UK' articles. So we thought it was time for us to conduct a full review of the brand. As always we'll be taking a look at:

Who are Holistic Hemp Scotland?

Let us look a little deeper and explain why these products are so good and why the company is so highly regarded.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely yes. With the variety of products, the quality of production and the heaps of good reviews we would 100% recommend Holistic Hemp Scotland for your CBD needs. The prices are reasonable and the ethos of the company is exactly where it should be - We would suggest buying this product through Hemp. The reason being is that Holistic Hemp earn a cut and you are also supporting a not-for-profit social enterprise. It will not cost you extra but your money is helping to make change in Scotland

About Holistic Hemp Scotland - the Artisan CBD Product

The hemp from Holistic Hemp Scotland is grown on a small artisan farm in the EU (most likely Holland) using organic an organic and bio-dynamic growing pricess which does not incude the use of harmful pesticides or artificial fertilisers. From the very root, Holistic Hemp Scotland strive to keep the plants natural as possible.

Once the crop is ready to be picked, the flowers are hand-handled and individually hung to dry in the cool European air. Fully dry, the buds are CO2 extracted under low heat and low pressure conditions. This ensures that the Help Holistic CBD products are full spectrum full of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. It is important that the products start right; this is the case with Holistic Hemp Scotland.

If you compare this CBD production process with other companies, the hemp is usually bought in bulk from an industrial facility which has been harvested en-mass with machines and drying kilns to produce as much yield as possible- to make more profit. The quality of the buds are not inspected by hand individually and instead the sacred bud is crushed by tractors and dried in the shortest possible time. The dried product is further crushed into small pellets to make the mass easier to transport and sent to be co2 extracted. Done at high pressure which can destroy all the natural compounds which makes hemp so powerful.

What are the Holistic Hemp Scotland products like?

The Holistic Hemp CBD range is quite wide and can cater to almost everyone. The products are quite diverse and there isn't any products too similar to another. There are a range of oils which differ in contents and potency, a selection of pastes, capsules, waxes, isolates and even Hemp textiles & construction - something that isn't particularly common for Scottish CBD companies. This proves to us that Holistic Hemp is much more than a company cashing out on a health trend- this is a company that has ambitions and a love for the plant itself.

The two CBD oils on offer from Holistic Hemp Scotland have been featured in several high profile 'best CBD oil' blogs and have gained notoriety locally for being rather good. The issues with them is that the company only really offers two types of oils. If you are looking for a company who offers a variety of oils, you may wish to look elsewhere. In saying that, if this is your first time buying CBD then you could do worse if this is your first purchase.


For the quality and strength of the oil, the price is certainly very reasonable. The CBD oils range from £30 - £35, the pastes from £12 & £25, and their popular capsules from £40 to £45. While the products are not the strongest on the market, the are naturally produced and are wonderfully full spectrum.

We're very impressed with the product range and recommend you check it out for yourself.

What are the Holistic Hemp Scotland third-party reviews like?

Holistic Hemp Scotland have a Trustpilot profile which is great to see. They're currently sitting with an 'Excellent' rating from almost 400 reviews. This is really great to see and definitely makes them one of the highest-rated CBD brands in the UK on Trustpilot. Overall reviewers seem really happy with the products and customer service provided by the brand.

These guys also previously had a Feefo profile - this is a less popular third-party review platform but is actually just as valid as Trustpilot (if a little less popular). They had a great rating on there too before they decided to close the account.

Overall it's clear to see that Holistic Hemp Scotland have some excellent third-party reviews, we recommend you check them out for yourself.

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Holistic Hemp Scotland review

In Conclusion

Holistic Hemp Scotland are great at what they do andhave a dedicated following. The oils are great, they are cost-effective and created with love. Check them out!