Herbstrong Review (Our Honest Opinion)

Herbstrong are a CBD company based in the United States, California to be exact. Due to their popularity in the states, they’ve started to expand their offering to the UK, so anyone in the UK can now buy their CBD products. They’re a really popular company, so we thought we’d write up a review of the company to see what all the fuss is about. Here is our review:


Herbstrong Overview

As we mentioned, Herbstrong are a CBD company based in the USA. The company focus on fitness and gym enthusiasts, with all of their products being marketed to these types of people. Herbstrong want people to use their CBD products after a long run or after a hard workout to help with recovery, something we are also big fans of. They have a load of information about their products on their website, and their blog includes in-depth interviews with a variety of athletes about CBD and how the athletes use CBD in their routines. Overall, we’re impressed.

What are the reviews like for Herbstrong?

One issue that we had with Herbstrong was that we couldn’t find any good third party platforms which they were using to collect reviews. Ideally we look for something like Trustpilot, however it doesn’t seem that Herbstrong have anything like this. The company do collect reviews on their own site, but we prefer to read the reviews from other sites. Also, there are lots of blogger and news reviews of the brand, however because Herbstrong have a good affiliate program we take these reviews with a pinch of salt.

What does Reddit think of Herbstrong?

Herbstrong Reddit review

There is a thriving CBD community on Reddit, so we love to read about companies on there. Luckily there are lots of people talking about Herbstrong on Reddit. They have very mixed reviews on Reddit, with some users seeming to not like how the company markets themselves (see the screenshot above). However we did find many users who had really positive experiences with the Herbstrong products, particularly the CBD balms which you apply topically.


In Conclusion

When a USA based CBD company becomes popular in the UK it’s usually a good sign. We think Herbstrong have a great brand and a good ethos, and their products seem to be pretty great too. Their use of good looking athletes all over their website might rub some people up the wrong way, but we think it’s great.








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