Her Highness NYC (Our Honest Review)

Her Highness NYC are a female-focused CBD brand based in (yep, you guessed it) New York. We first heard about them after seeing their products featured in a couple of high-profile publications, so we decided to check them out. As with all of our reviews we’ll be taking a look at their products, as well as their reviews to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into it:


Who are Her Highness?

Allison and Lauren are the ladies behind this exciting brand. There is a great ‘About Us’ section on the Her Highness NYC website that explains in detail what the brand stands for, and it’s a great read. What immediately grabs you about most of the content on the Her Highness NYC website is that it has a real personality to it (and almost a sense of mischief!). We love to see this as we review sooo many nameless/faceless brands, but Her Highness NYC are the exact opposite of that.

Aside from the fun of this, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s really quite important to have more stylish, female-focused brands like this in the cannabis space. I think this industry can be a bit guilty of being male-dominated but also just a bit boring at times, so it’s great to see brands like Her Highness NYC mixing things up a bit.


What are the Her Highness NYC products like?

So we love the brand, but what are the products like? The Her Highness NYC CBD product range is definitely one of the more interesting ranges that we’ve seen. They’ve got the usual suspects like the tinctures (which look great), but also some interesting products like foot pads, facial masks and mints. This is exactly what the CBD industry needs! Not everyone wants to fiddle around with oil all the time, so if we’re going to make CBD more mainstream/accessible then we need to have more innovative products like this on offer.
There are quite a few products in this range so we won’t look at all of them in detail, but we’ll highlight a few. Let’s start with the foot patches – these are a great idea because there is plenty of evidence that when applied topically, CBD can be effectively absorbed by the skin. Her Highness NYC pitch these patches as the ultimate treatment for women who have been wearing heels or uncomfortable footwear all day and need a little relief, an awesome idea.

The mints also look great – 10mg of CBD per mint, a perfect dose to take the edge off any moment. Again, what we love about this is that we’ve seen loads of boring CBD edibles elsewhere online. These mints are practical and provide a little CBD kick, perfect.


Overall we’re super impressed with this range and recommend you check it out for yourself. It would be great to see some nice vape products but you can also get those elsewhere if you need to. 


What are the Her Highness reviews like?

We mentioned that Her Highness have been featured in a bunch of high-profile publications and you can find those features on their website. If you’re interested in customer reviews, then you can find reviews on the product pages across their site. For example, the Sleeping Beauty Elixir is sitting with a 5-star rating currently.
Also, there is a review titled ‘I Tried Her Highness’ CBD Pleasure Oil and My Vagina Passed Away’…..definitely check that one out.

In Conclusion

So yes, we recommend you check out this brand for sure. They have a great personality, a great range of products and are doing something important. Check them out!