Hempworx CBD Oil – Our Honest Review

Hempworx UK is an interesting company with an interesting premise. The company seems to be much more of a wholesaler and affiliate program which is interesting as it is one of the most well known CBD companies in the UK. 

Considering that it is so difficult to order and the website doesn’t have a clear shop function, it seems strangely popular. So here goes – a UK Hempworx CBD oil review for a CBD company which isn’t really a CBD company.

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All these ‘peer marketing’ and ‘network marketing’ schemes are turning this industry into a money circus. While I’m not naive enough to think that money doesn’t make the world go round, the CBD industry is about health and well being… rather than a ‘commodity’ or overproduced, over-marketed wonder cure. There are plenty of companies that do a better job and are better ethically. Hempworx UK is a massive company from the US that is making millions from UK based consumers so I have a little bit of advice- why not buy local? 

There are plenty of companies who sell awesome products with an awesome ethos: If you’re going to buy Hempworx we’d say look elsewhere. Seriously, you’ll not be disappointed and you won’t be funding a US giant. 

Who are Hempworx?

Hempworx are an affiliate program based in the USA. Although they are selling CBD products, it seems that they are focusing on selling the products through other websites or through a population of network and affiliate marketers. To be fair, this is generous. They have cracked a very competitive and ever changing market. Why invest in millions to sell your products when you could get other websites to do the hard work for you? 
Hempworx are producers of CBD which makes sense why they would prefer to sell their products wholesale, or as an affiliate. Looking at the fact that the cultivation and growth of Hemp and cannabis is prohibited in the UK for example, there is a huge demand for pre-made CBD products. In the UK, most companies sell ‘white label’ products that are produced in a country (mainly Holland) where growing hemp is legal. 


One issue we have with Hempworx UK is that it is pretty much a pirmaid Scheme/ draws its money from selling to small people. While this can be really beneficial to many people, it doesn’t sit too well with us. It cheapens the CBD industry and turns it into a money factory, rather than something that can genuinely improve your health or make a difference. It makes both the products and the humans selling it a commodity. How can you ensure your customers are getting the right information when millions of people globally are selling the products, you can’t.
In saying this, Hempworx are helping people set up little businesses which can help to bring in a little more income from work in their spare time. The CBD industry has grown extremely quickly so there are thousands of companies starting up. It is nice to see so many people getting engaged with business. The Cannabis industry is all about the little people so empowering people is a positive. 


They are ok. There isn’t a great deal about them that is unusal, or special. They are mass produced CBD products that have a very basic brand to sell en-mass. There is a very wide range of products which may, or may not, suit most companies needs in regards to flavours, and strengths. The general consensus is that they are decent for the price. 
Hempworx are a multinational company so their products are certainly not poor. What they lack is a little bit of personality but they are perfectly suited to be sold by private individuals en mas. 

What does Reddit think of Hempworx?

hempworx reddit cbd review

As you can see from the above thread, there are many Reddit users who are of the opinion that Hempworx are an MLM scam. Many users comment on how overpriced the Hempworx products seem to be, especially compared to other brands. Overall Reddit is not a fan of Hempworx!

Would We Recommend Hempworx UK? 

I think we would take a pass on this one. While the products will work, are safe and perfectly fine, they don’t offer anything more for you as a customer. They are based in the US and are global so don;t really need more customers. If we are really going to defend the ethos of supporting the little people. hempworx UK is the last place you should support. Support a UK based brand who gives back the the community around you and offers something that is exciting and different. Don’t fall for the Holland and Barrett trap…


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK