Hemp & CBD Rolling Papers UK

Imagine a rolling paper made from cannabis? Well, you don’t need to imagine any more because you can buy Hemp Rolling Papers for your tobacco or something else… like a huge wad of StarDawg or Wedding Cake … CBD variants of course. 

Hemp is an insanely versatile plant which can be turned into plastic, fuels, and even paper. It can be grown in pretty much every climate and the compounds found in its seeds (the hemp seed oil) and in the flower (cannabinoids) are great for our health. The hemp rolling papers are produced from a plant which is particularly fibrous and is pulped to produce a paper.

Why A Hemp Rolling Paper?

For a start, hemp can be produced sustainably and has a huge amount of uses. It means that there is almost zero waste and Hemp rolling papers can be produced in such a way that isn’t quite so damaging to our environment.

To second this, the quality of roll-up which can be produced by a Hemp rolling paper is second to none. You can purchase a wide range of types – whether you like it to be thin, thick, big or small. Hemp has a slower burn rate than another roll-up paper which ensures you can enjoy your roll-up slowly.


How to Use Papers made with Hemp?

A Hemp rolling paper can be used in almost exactly the same way as any other rolling paper. The difference is their quality and robust texture. It makes a roll-up much easier to produce no matter the size.

Tobacco (and other plants) has been smoked for as long as history has been recorded. It was discovered by western society and sold across the world as a potential cure to a wide range of ailments. It at one point was even prescribed by a doctor. Since then, tobacco has been linked with a huge array of illnesses including cancer. In spite of this, tobacco remains on of the most popular vices on the planet.

Rolling papers are also used to smoke the flower of the cannabis plant; this includes the hemp flower plant. Cannabis is still illegal in the UK so we do not suggest that you break the law and smoke cannabis, but let’s be serious, we all know what these rolling papers are really for. We can’t just walk past a shop window of grinders, bongs and hemp rolling papers and pretend nobody smokes cannabis.

Best Hemp Rolling Papers UK

By far the most common, and favourite hemp rolling papers are those produced by RAW Connoisseur. The guys behind Raw are very heavily involved in the Cannabis community and produce a range of very popular roll ups and more. 

Whatever you smoke, you certainly cannot go wrong. 

Rizla Natura rolling papers are among the very best rolling papers on the market. They are one of the most well known companies who produce a very wide range of rolling produced with an even wider range of materials. 

If you want a nice, smooth paper then this is another that you are almost certainly to be happy with. 

OBC are another of the most popular hemp rolling paper companies. Known for their clean, slow burn they are ideal for an enjoyable slow chill out smoke. The papers are organic, and produced to an extremely high quality. We certainly recommend the OBC Slim Hemp Rolling Papers whole heatedly to anybody who is new, or more experienced. 

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