Healthspan high strength CBD capsules review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Healthspan high strength CBD capsules review (1 month trial)

Healthspan CBD capsules

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Updated September 1st, 2021

We've published a pretty extensive review of the Healthspan CBD products before, but we wanted to take a deep dive into a specific product within the range - the high-strength CBD capsules. We've tried them for 1 month and now feel we can provide a fair review. Full disclosure, we saw these were pretty cheap on sale so thought why not, let's review them. We'll be looking at the positives and negatives of these capsules, let's get into it:


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Positives of the Healthspan CBD capsules

We like to start with positives, so let's look at what impressed us about these CBD capsules from Healthspan. Firstly, the price was very good. As we mentioned in our introduction, the product was on offer and we paid less than £8 for this pack of 30 capsules. There is only 192mg of CBD in each pack, but to be honest £8 for 192mg of CBD is pretty excellent value for money.

We also like the size of the capsules - not too big, and very easy to get down (even without a glass of water).

Lastly, we do have to give some praise to the entire Healthspan buying journey. The website is very easy to use and free shipping was available, although we paid only £1 for faster shipping which seemed like excellent value.

Overall there were quite a few things we really liked about these CBD capsules.

Healthspan high strength CBD capsules 30 per pack

This image shows how small the CBD capsules are

Negatives of the Healthspan CBD capsules

Now let's get into the things that didn't really impress us much - firstly, each capsule only contains 6.4mg of CBD. For us, that isn't much at all and realistically we'd need to take 3-4 per day to notice any effect from them. We're used to seeing capsules containing at least 10mg each, so this is definitely on the low side.


We also weren't impressed that the CBD capsules were made with gelatine - as a health supplement, we'd much prefer to see a vegan option (especially given how easy it is to create a vegan capsule nowadays). There are various vegan Healthspan products so this is a little surprising.

We also wanted a little more information about the CBD in these capsules - Healthspan has included a lot of information about CBD broadly on the back of the pack which is quite useful, but we'd love to learn more about what's actually in the capsules (we've seen lots of brands include a QR code that can be scanned to see lab reports etc.).

Overall we weren't blown away by these CBD capsules. They're a great starting point for beginners, but there are lots of better Healthspan CBD products available.

Healthspan high strength CBD capsules information

This image shows the information on the back of the pack

Final thoughts

Healthspan CBD products are really popular and there are some great options on their website, but we wouldn't say these capsules are up there in terms of their best. If you can grab them on sale then definitely try them, but if you're paying full price then skip them.

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