HBHM (Our Honest Review) Brewdog’s Martin Dickie Lauches CBD Company

Yes, you read that right- Brewdog's Martin Dickie has launched (or is part of the launch) a CBD brand called HBHM. We saw this advertised in a range of online newspaper articles, and knowing a thing or two about the CBD industry, we thought we would take a look. Afterall, Brewdog has a great reputation for their beer but are well known for not being quite as squeaky clean as you may expect.

The launch of HBHM CBD really interests us; why would the founder of a world-renowned brewing company invest in their own CBD brand? While there are some CBD beers around, the two aren't comparable. Dickie joins a long line of other high profile individuals who have set up a CBD brand in recent years (Including Eddie Hall's Beast Pharm, Nate Diaz, Dan Bilzerian and more.

Before even thinking about buying from HBHM, you should check out our list of the best CBD Oil from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried).

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Who is HBHM CBD?

It seems like HBHM (Healthy Body Healthy Mind) are very, very new as it is hard to find anything concrete about the company. What we know is that they are an independent apparently 'carbon neutral' CBD company from the North East of Scotland. The claim to fame is the fact that Martin Dickie from Brewdog is involved. Brewdog is a global brewing brand which has exploded over the last 10 or so years, their focus now is also sustainability among bringing small-batch craft beer to the mainstream market. They guys at Brewdog are very well known for their 'on the edge' marketing which has given rise to their beer products. There have been more than a few occasions where their marketing has been deemed as misleading, or contrived.

Why is this important? Well, it sets the scene as those behind HBHM may be fantastic at marketing, but what do they know about CBD, and how serious are they about your well-being?


The Products

Let's start with some positives: the bottles look amazing. We really love the designs and the cool, fresh take on the bottles. It is a very cool concept that works perfectly. The products aslo use recycled materials (wherever possible) and the company offset their carbon by planting trees. That is great to see, and we agree that more companies should at least be thinking about their environmental impact. There is a lot of glass and plastic used in CBD which is hard on the environment.

HBHM CBD currently has 3 products stocked on their website: Protect (peach), Connect and Reflect (cherry).

Each is 1200mgs in a 30ml bottle (4%). What is particularly disappointing is that these oils are openly produced using isolated CBD. If you know anything about Cannabinoids, then you know that isolate CBD products are very well known as the lowest rung of the CBD quality ladder and are often produced to make a profit, rather than benefit the well-being of the customer. CBD isolate is very cheap to buy, and you can produce oils very cost-effectively. They are not truly valued by anybody in the cannabis community...

The Cannabis Trades Association do not allow their members to sell Isolate CBD, and the Food Standards Agency does not consider it an edible substance. The issue is that they have been lobbied by pharmaceutical companies to ignore Isolate CBD in regulation which has brought about a lot of companies who are selling these products as they will fall under the radar of Novel Food legislation (which is expensive and requires medical trials). There is an ongoing battle to ban isolate CBD oils.

It is well known that Isolate CBD products are heavily criticised by the regulatory authorities so why have HBHM chosen to use these oils? Although it can be branded as 'pure', it has been found time, and time again that when CBD is taken alongside other naturally occurring cannabinoids, and terpenes, it is much more effective. Industry leaders across the board agree.

As a second point - you can compare this oil with something similar to Access CBD (who claim their oils are not isolated, but 'CBD only'). Access CBD sells their 1200mg oil for around £16 - while HBHM sells theirs for £45. You are better off spending the extra money and getting a broad spectrum CBD oil from a reputable CBD specialist.

What is even more bizarre is that some of the quotes we found online do not quantify with the facts. For instance, this comment here in the Herald:

Sara Davidson, of HBHM, said: “Having taken CBD products for the past 18 months, I have enjoyed the benefits of CBD, but I always struggled with the flavours and often found the provenance and amount of CBD content impossible to find out."

What this is suggesting is that it is almost impossible to know how much CBD is in a product, and where it comes from. This is interesting as it touches on an industry-wide issue of regulation and customers finding a brand to trust. This is a major concern for consumers and comes in upmarket research time, and time again. It is true that since 2016, when CBD was legalised, even high profile CBD companies have been found to produce and oversell poor quality products; Holland & Barrett, Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy and  & other high street brands have been caught out in a random batch testing, including one by the BBC. This damaged the reputation of CBD retailers: good, bad or ugly.

It is true, however, that most ethical companies have lab reports on offer, and also are open about where their hemp is sourced. The CBD here is sourced in the USA (likely Colorado) - much like FourFive, Blessed CBD and others.

On a final point, we feel that hemp shouldn't taste like cherry- it should taste like hemp. Would you buy a beer that tastes like Coke? No, because you want to drink beer. The same principle should be taken for hemp products. If it doesn't taste or smell like Hemp, then there is something wrong. Real and effective CBD oils have a strong taste / have a light terpene flavour because they contain the naturally occurring waxes, fats, minor cannabinoids and terpenes which make the hemp plant so beneficial for your health. If you are taking CBD to have an impact on your well being, then it's unlikely to taste like cherry.

On a much lighter note, we think that it is commendable that the company is taking the environment seriously and will be offsetting their carbon by planting trees in Stirlingshire in Scotland. The environmental crisis needs to be taken seriously by big industry and we're glad to see that HBHM are leading the way in the obligation to a healthier planet.

In conclusion.

To say we are disappointed is an understatement. The thin veneer of 'ethical' and 'environmental' is completely shattered by the fact that HBHM is selling isolated CBD oils in our opinion. The branding is really nice, so why not spend a little bit more and source a much more effective broad-spectrum? That would be more beneficial for consumers and would mean we would need to write a harsh review. It is proven, and substantiated by industry leaders that isolated CBD oils do not have anywhere near the same benefits as broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum CBD oils- unless HBHM CBD improves the oils, they offer, we would suggest somewhere else.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK