Haughton Honey CBD honey (Our honest review)

Haughton Honey

Haughton Honey is a popular honey brand based in Cheshire. We're big fans of honey (every morning on in our CBD tea and porridge without fail) but you won't be surprised to hear that the reason we're reviewing this brand is because they've produced a fantastic CBD product. As with all of our reviews, we'll be taking a look at their product closely, as well third-party reviews. Let's get into it:

Who is Haughton Honey?

There is a fantastic 'Our Story' section on the Haughton Honey website that provides a bit more information about how the brand was founded.

Cris is the brains behind the brand. As an English bee farmer, he had long had a passion for honey but felt that the market had become a bit boring. He set out to create a brand that would make honey exciting again, but that would also focus on producing very high-quality products unlike the majority of what you tend to find on supermarket shelves. Haughton Honey was born, and it wasn't long until Cris got the whole family involved.

We love this backstory and love to see a family-run business creating a popular and awesome CBD product. Definitely check out the 'Our Story' section on the Haughton Honey website for more information.

What is the Haughton Honey CBD honey like?

Before we talk about the CBD honey specifically, it's worth mentioning that Haughton Honey have invested in a wealth of plants, shrubs and trees that attract bees from across the English countryside to ensure that they produce the highest-quality raw honey. We don't know much about the world of honey but we do know about the difference between raw honey and cheap honey, and let us tell you they don't compare.

Now let's get into the sticky stuff. The Haughton Honey CBD honey is more than just a marketing gimmick - this is a legitimately excellent source of CBD. The is a full-spectrum CBD product made with cannabidiol oil from Britain, combined with terpenes. CBD on its own is great; CBD combined with terpenes makes for a seriously potent product. Each jar contains 850mg of CBD and a small amount of MCT to allow for better absorption, plus the presence of the MCT brings a whole host of other health benefits (fatty acids etc.).

Believe it or not, Haughton Honey have even included lab reports on their website for this product. It's almost unheard of to see this for CBD edible products, so we're delighted.

At less than £30 per jar this is very well-priced too, so definitely check it out!

What are the reviews like for the Haughton Honey CBD honey?

Haughton Honey collect reviews on their product page for the CBD Honey, where they're currently sitting with a perfect 5-star rating. This product was only released last year but already clearly has a loyal following as is obvious from the chatter on social media and the various press pieces we read. Overall it seems like everyone who has tried the product is impressed, so be sure to take a look at those reviews.

Haughton Honey

In Conclusion

So we might not be best placed to talk about honey, but we know our stuff when it comes to CBD. And let's just say this is a fantastic CBD product. If you want something exciting to spread on your toast in the mornings or something to stir into an evening cup of tea, definitely try this product.