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Hashtag Organics are a CBD company based in the UK (in Glasgow to be exact). There is a bustling CBD movement happening in Scotland, with Glasgow at the forefront currently. We’ve reviewed a number of companies based in the city, and continue to be impressed with the majority of the companies that we find who are based in Glasgow.

We first heard about Hashtag Organics after seeing them mentioned on Reddit. Us being us, we decided to dig deeper and thought it would be worth conducting a full review of the company. We’ll be taking a look at their:

So let's get into it:

Who are Hashtag Organics?

We mentioned that Hashtag Organics are based in Glasgow, but it's worth mentioning that their products have been included in shops and pharmacies across Scotland and the UK. This is very impressive and shows that clearly their products are trusted. We recommend you visit their website if you want more information about the brand.

What are the Hashtag Organics products like?

The Hashtag Organics product range is mostly focused around spa type products, so things like body balms and face masks. But they do have a tincture which is what we’ll focus on first, as we generally believe that CBD oil is the most effective type of CBD product to consume.
The CBD oils offered by Hashtag Organics are all broad spectrum which means they contain 0% THC. This is ideal for anyone who is tested regularly, for example athletes. They’re available in 4 concentrations and are all tested rigorously. Hashtag Organics also have a CBD starter kit for sale which contains the 5% CBD oil in 5ml bottles, ideal if you’re just getting started with CBD.
Aside from the oils, Hashtag Organics are probably best known for their spa products. They’re made very similarly to any other quality natural spa product you’d find, with the addition of CBD. For example, the face mask contains 1% CBD along with natural ingredients like tea tree oil and activated charcoal. There is lots of evidence to suggest that CBD can help with conditions like eczema and acne, so it makes sense to include the compound in skincare products.
Overall we’re impressed with the product range and think as far as CBD spa products go, these guys look great.

What are the Hashtag Organics reviews like?

Hashtag Organics don’t have a Trustpilot page, but they do have a number of very positive reviews on Facebook and on certain product pages on their site. For example, on the page for their CBD tinctures they have a 5 star rating. Reviewers seem really happy with the quality of the products, as well as the customer service and advice provided by the team.
Hashtag organics

In Conclusion


Hashtag Organics look like a great choice for CBD spa products, and although they’re based in Glasgow they deliver across the UK. Check them out!