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Happy Organics review

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Updated March 15th, 2021

Happy Organics is a CBD company based in the USA. We first heard about these guys when searching only for honey CBD after trying a few different brands. We saw that these guys were really popular, so we thought it would be a good idea to conduct a review of them. We'll be taking a close look at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they're worth your time and money. Let's get into the review:

What are the Happy Organics products like?

The great thing about Happy Organics is that their product range consists of beeswax products and CBD products. We're obviously more interested in the CBD products but we'll give a quick word to the beeswax products - they're made from the honey produced by the bees owned by the family behind Happy Organics. The team only harvests the honey twice per year when the bees have produced an excessive amount of honey, to ensure the health and happiness of the bees.

Now onto the CBD products - the 'Happy Honey' is made with full spectrum CBD to ensure lots of other plant goodness is present in the products (terpenes etc.). You can choose either 120mg of CBD per jar or 240mg, a nice combination of options to choose from. What we love about combining honey with CBD is that it not only makes it more palatable, it also adds a bunch more goodness as honey is packed with nutrients. If you're the type of person who likes to consume CBD in the mornings to get your day started, this Happy Honey is ideal for that.

If you're not looking for a honey then Happy Organics do have a tincture that is also full spectrum and also looks great, but to be honest if you're on the Happy Organics website then why not try the honey - it's made with their own honey for crying out loud! It looks like an excellent product and we recommend you check out their full range.

Happy Organics review

In Conclusion

We've seen a number of CBD honey products, but this certainly stands out. Knowing that the honey is produced on the Happy Organics farm, and knowing the reason for the brand deciding to create the CBD honey really adds an important element to this. If you're based in the U.S then please check these guys out!

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