Greenheart CBD (Our Honest Review)

Greenheart CBD are an Irish CBD company. We first heard about these guys after looking online for an Irish CBD company and stumbling across their site. After taking a look at their website we were impressed, so decided to conduct a full review. As always we’ll be looking at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into it:


Who are Greenheart CBD?


The brand was founded by Mark and Paul, 2 entrepreneurs who saw the potential of CBD as a healing compound through their own personal experiences. What we love about the Greenheart CBD website is that all of the background information about the company is right in the middle of the homepage. There is even a link to their LinkedIn pages that you can check out. Often we find these ‘About’ sections are hidden away on CBD websites and don’t include any faces or names about the people behind the brand, so it’s great to see how upfront Greenheart are about their team. We recommend you check the section out for yourself to read all about the team.


What are the Greenheart CBD products like?


It’s great that the Greenheart team is so upfront, but you’re here to learn about their products! Luckily, their products are also great.


The Greenheart CBD store consists entirely of oils for humans and animals (CBD oil can be great for dogs). Some people might be put off this but we believe this makes perfect sense – we see so many companies selling a range of random products (we saw CBD suppositories the other day!), so it’s refreshing to see a company focusing on 1 type of product. And actually, in terms of absorption and value for money, CBD oils are probably the best type of CBD product you can buy. So there should be no issue with this.


The oils range in concentrations from 2.5% – 5% (like Holland and Barrett), and are made with a variety of carrier oils including flax seed oil, hemp seed oil and rape seed oil. Straightaway it’s worth mentioning the rape seed oil used because we’ve never seen that before, but it makes perfect sense. And as Greenheart mention on their website, rape seed oil is lower in saturated fats compared to most other carriers commonly used in CBD oils, and is also packed full of Vitamin E.


These are full-spectrum oils with 0% THC, which means they contain all of the plant goodness (such as terpenes) without the illegal compound THC. This is ideal for anyone who is tested regularly, either through their work or otherwise.


They’re all produced on Irish farms and come complete with lab reports, which is absolutely perfect for us. Overall we’re super impressed with this product range and recommend you check it out for yourself. We see brands like Provacan and Blessed CBD who claim that they offer full-spectrum products, but actually don’t publish their lab reports like Greenheart CBD do. This is a big tick in our book and is great to see. 


What are the Greenheart CBD reviews like?


Greenheart CBD collect customer reviews on their product pages, so you can read reviews for specific products. For example, the 5% hemp oil is currently sitting with a perfect 5-star rating from 12 reviews, a great score. Customers seem really happy with the quality of the product, as well as the customer service provided by the Greenheart CBD team. We recommend you check those reviews out for yourself plus the reviews for other products.


If you’re interested in reading reviews for Greenheart CBD from other sources then you can check out their Instagram where the guys publish reviews from happy customers all the time. You can also see a few reviews on their Facebook page, again with a 5-star rating. Awesome!


In Conclusion

It’s great to see an Irish CBD company with such a great product range, and we really hope that these guys continue to get the exposure that they deserve. Check them out!