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Graces London are a natural wellness, health and beauty brand based in the UK (London, to be exact). We first heard about these guys after seeing their CBD range and being impressed, but they do have some other products on sale. We liked what we saw when we found their CBD range, so we decided they’d be great to do a review of. As with all of our reviews we’ll be taking a close look at their:

So let's get into it:

Who are Graces London?

The brand was founded by Shiona and Jason, a couple who’ve been together since they were young. Graces London actually started to create CBD products way back in 2014, which makes them very unique in the CBD industry. Most companies have only been around for a few years as the industry is so new, but to see that Graces London have 6+ years of experience is really impressive.

It’s worth checking out the ‘About’ section of the Graces London website to learn more about how the brand was founded, as we love their story.

What are the Graces London products like?

We mentioned that Graces London sell a range of natural wellness and beauty products, but for the purposes of our review we’ll be focusing on their CBD range. Most of the products are intended to be applied topically, but we’ll start with the oil as this is the most common type of CBD product you’ll typically find.

The Graces London oil contains 300mg of full-spectrum CBD. The carrier oil used is Avocado & MCT, which not only provides a pleasant taste but also means the oil is packed with even more goodness. It’s really well priced (£35) and can be easily consumed either sublingually or added to food/drink. Overall we love this oil and think 300mg is an ideal level for anyone looking to top up their CBD intake.

Elsewhere, Graces London have a range of skincare/beauty products, all made with full-spectrum CBD too. This includes roll-on moisturisers and lip balms, and if you’d like to try both you have the option of a sample box. We’re really into topical CBD products at the moment because there is more evidence to suggest that CBD can be absorbed by the body really effectively when applied topically.

We also appreciate that Graces London have a clearly visible ‘CBD’ page on their site which provides plenty of information about their products and how they are made. We also like their commitment to full-spectrum CBD, as that little bit of THC really does make a difference.

Overall this is a great range and we’re really impressed with the selection on offer.

What are the Graces London reviews like?

Graces London have a ‘Testimonials’ section on their website where they’ve included a few reviews from customers. It’s clear that customers are loving the products and finding them really useful. We recommend you check these reviews out for yourself. Also, Graces London occasionally post reviews on their Instagram page from real customers, be sure to check those out too.
kyoto botanicals Review (2)

In Conclusion

Overall we’re really impressed with Graces London and we highly recommend you check them out!