Get Hemp (Honest Review) – Vape Cartridges

Established in 2019, Get Hemp has been ticking away providing an eclectic mix of CBD products;  from CBD flowers, and CBD vape Cartrdiges to Oils and gummies. Since they have been operating for so long, when we saw the website we thought we would put their brand to the test.

So, here is our full review of Get Hemp - their vape cartridges and oils will be our focus.


Who are Get Hemp?

Honest answer, it is not very clear. We always like to see a brand with a clear link to the owners, or at least images of the people behind the brand on the website. Get Hemp does not have any of this. To be balanced, the availability of CBD flower on the website will likely be the reason for this.

Flower, although technically legal, lives in a grey area in the law. It is likely to attract interest from the authorities but it seems that they cannot prosecute or charge an individual for possession (so long as it tests under the legal THC limit). There is some risk attached to having your identity on a website such as this.

What we can say about Get Hemp is they are on a mission to boost the well-being for a modern community. They wish to provide CBD to help people enjoy their lives, and feel free and healthy using a natural alternative.

Get Hemp CBD Vapes

Like most CBD vapes on the market, those from Get Hemp are filled using a highly refined full spectrum hemp extract, and botanical terpenes.

It is very nice to see that the distillate is from a CO2 extraction process, and is lab tested to ensure the cannabinoid levels are correct.

Each Cartridge contains 1ml of distillate which means that a user will get a lot of use from the carts. They contain less than 0.2% THC which should fall under the 1mg rule and therefore be compliant with UK laws.

As the terpenes are botanical, there will be a metallic taste which lingers at the back of the throat, but compared to other botanical terpene cartridges, we've been enjoying these.

Finally, the cartridges come in 8 cannabis strain flavours and are each £14.99. That is extremely cheap for a full spectrum 1ml cartridge.

Get Hemp CBD Vapes

CBD Oil - Full Spectrum

The first thing that struck us when we found Get Hemp was the price of the oil. A Full Spectrum 1000mg oil is only £19 which is suspiciously low.

The oil uses an MCT oil carrier and full spectrum hemp-derived CBD, which is likely from a distillate.

There are no apparent lab reports for the Get Hemp CBD oil so it is hard to say whether this description is correct. There is a broad spectrum alternative too for exactly the same price. Usually, the price of a broad spectrum is lower.

Other than having very nice packaging, it is hard to say whether this oil is truly as good as it looks.

Get Hemp CBD Oil full spectrum
ScreeGet Hemp broad spectrum

Get Hemp Reviews on Trustpilot

On the hole, the Get Hemp Reviews on Trustpilot are generally positive. With a rating of 88% 5-star reviews, and 5% 1-star reviews, there is a nice spread of opinions.

There is nothing too concerning about the negative reviews, and it is good to see that there are lots of recent reviews coming in.

Overall, a seemingly great profile.

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Get Hemp Trustpilot
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