Gelato Strain (Larry Bird/)

Strain | Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC (17%-25%)

Terpenes | Caryophyllene, Mycene, Pinene

Gelato Terpene Profile


Gelato / Gelato 33 / Larry Bird Cannabis Strain Info

If you have spent any real time reading into Cannabis strains then you will have come across Gelato – also known as Larry Bird. The strain is one of the heavy weights from Northern California and is named after the famous basket-ball player Larry Bird (his number was 33 which is why this strain is also referred to as Gelato 33.

The strain comes from the indica Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Much like Sunset Sherbert, Gelato has the classic fruitiness of the Californian Bay Area and is well known of the ‘Cookie Family’. 


What does Gelato Look like? (including Purple Gelato) 

Much like the flavour, the Gelato Cannabis strain is easily identified for its vibrant colours. The dark green buds are lightly frosted with a layer of THC crystals which reveals the purple hues and orange hairs. 

Gelato is one of the most iconic cannabis strains on earth, and one of the most recognisable. To start with, you should look for the thick frosting of trichomes which smothers the spectrum of colours underneath. The strain can vary, from mostly olive green to a vibrant mixture of reds, oranges, blues and pinks. A Purple Gelato strain is one of our favourites and is very photogenic. 
Many people expect the Purple Gelato to have sleepy indica effects, however, the purple colouring is simply produced by cultivating the strain in cold weathers. 

Flavours and aromas

To give reference the herbal, fruity pepperiness has been associated with an IPA beer. Right away when breaking up the buds, you can detect citrus and a peppery funk which comes from its Sunset Sherbert parentage. The smoke is smooth and creamy (similar to wedding cake) and has a lovely sweet, citrus kick. This is a pungent strain, with a lasting aroma. 

The strain is known as a Dessert strain which is sweet and perfect for after dinner or in the early evening. The smoke is soft, creamy and smooth. 


The Purple Gelato High

Although there are strains with higher THC contents, Gelato should be taken with caution as the THC gets to work quickly and is particularly strong. It has a very strong heady feeling which may feel uncomfortable to some users. 

The strain hits quickly, and sometimes takes effect before you have even exhaled the smoke. To start with, it is not unusual to feel confused or have altered perception. You should start to see colours get brighter, sounds loader and reality twisting into an enjoyable body buzz. While you may feel fairly sedated, your will have a clear head and have enough energy to move about; certainly not enough stickiness for a couch lock. Gelato comes with potentially psychedelic effects and time may feel different from usual. 

Float along on a wonderful cloud of flavour and bliss. Ideal for late daytime and early evening. 


Side Effects

The strains have high levels of THC (between 18% – 25%) and very low levels of CBD which means that this strain is particularly potent. You should be aware that there are potential negitive side effects which come with high THC strains- the list of noted effects are as below: 

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoid
  • Anxiety

CBD Gelato Weed / Larry Bird Cannabis Strain