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Encasa Botanics are a CBD company based in the UK. We first heard about this brand after seeing them mentioned in a few places online, so we decided to check them out. After taking a look we were really impressed, so decided to publish a full review.  As always we'll be looking at their:

So let's get into it:

Who are Encasa Botanics?

There is a helpful 'Our Story' section on the website that we recommend you check out. It's clear that the team behind Encasa Botanics has a genuine passion for CBD and the benefits that this humble compound can provide.
It's also great to see lots of informational and well thought out content on the blog, another indicator that there is a knowledgeable team behind the brand. We recommend you explore the website yourself to get a feel for this.

What are the Encasa Botanics products like?

The Encasa Botanics product range is pretty extensive and consists of everything from CBD oils to edibles and topicals. It's great to see such a varied choice of products, especially topicals - there is increasing evidence to suggest that CBD can be absorbed very effectively by the skin, so topicals make sense.
For this review we'll be focusing mostly on the oils as this is our preferred type of CBD product. Encasa Botanics have 10 different oils to choose from, including both full spectrum and broad spectrum options. Now regular readers won't be surprised to hear that we're totally delighted with this - having the option is ideal, because not everybody wants to consume the small amount of THC in full-spectrum CBD products.
Concentrations range from 500mg of CBD/10ml all the way up to 2000mg CBD/15ml, a nice range to choose from. Interestingly there is a choice between premium or standard full spectrum CBD oils, the only difference being that the premium oil is made with A-grade white widow flowers. This is seriously impressive and we've never actually seen an option like this before. You can get a natural oil or a fruit flavoured oil if you prefer.
Overall we are super impressed with the oils, and the rest of the product range looks great too.

What are the Encasa Botanics reviews like?

Encasa Botanics use Trustpilot to collect reviews, which is great to see. It's always preferable for a CBD company to use a third-party platform to collect reviews on, because they're more trustworthy and can't be edited by the brand. They're currently sitting with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the platform, which puts them in the 'Excellent' category. Overall customers on there seem happy with the products as well as the customer service provided by the team.

I recently purchased the full spectrum Premium CBD oil and I am very impressed with the quality and price of this product.

A review from the Encasa Botanics Trustpilot profile

encasa botanics

In Conclusion

So these guys are pretty new on the block, but they're already making waves. We're happy to give them a full endorsement and can't wait to see how they go from strength to strength.