Elixinol UK Review

Elixinol are a CBD company based in The Netherlands, however the quality of their CBD products has gained them an international reputation, especially here in the UK. We thought it would be useful for our readers to review this company and the products that they sell. Let’s get into the review:

Elixinol UK Overview

As we mentioned, Elixinol are actually based in The Netherlands. One of the great things about being based there is that Elixinol have direct access to the best cannabis in the world. They also have an amazing team of experts who develop interesting and effective CBD products.

What are the reviews like for Elixinol?

There is actually a section on the Elixinol website where they display reviews that they’ve received, which they collect from a platform called YotPo. Most of the reviews are very positive, with reviewers mentioning that the products are very high quality and effective. The most popular CBD products sold by Elixinol seem to be the capsules.


What does Reddit think of Elixinol?


There are lots of threads about Elixinol, but many of them seem to focus on the stock value of the company rather than the quality of their products! However we did find some threads about their CBD, including the above thread. This post was reflective of what we saw elsewhere on Reddit – many people weren’t impressed with the taste of the Elixinol CBD oils, which may be why the capsules are so popular right now.

In Conclusion

Elixinol are a great company if you’re new to CBD and want some high quality products like capsules. However, it seems that if you require something stronger, you’d be better going for a company based here in the UK. If you’re shipping Elixinol products to the UK it can also cost quite a bit more than if you bought from a UK company.








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